Digital Commerce

Today, to discover products adapted to its needs, the consumer enters more and more into contact with brands by using digital media - web, mobile, tablet, interactive terminals and walls, social networks…

Digital Commerce is thus turning out to be strategic for the enterprise - be it BtoB or BtoC - wishing to increase its sales whilst also reducing its costs. It makes it possible to grab attention easily, and to better satisfy the expectations of the consumer. In fact, it proposes a unified customer experience which is accompanied by optimized, and personalized, offerings and services. The enterprise thus sees increases in the conversion rate, average spend and online/offline cross-fertilization of its sales.

  • Define an omnichannel strategy and digitalize operations
  • Design a unified and centralized product catalog
  • Put in place an innovative omnichannel platform
  • Using Digital Commerce sites, manage merchandising, personalization and recommendation, in order to improve the customer experience
  • Develop an overall vision of the customer, in order to better satisfy him and gain his loyalty
  • Develop traffic on the Web but also in the physical store
  • Access and analyze the flows of Web data in order to gain better insight into, and interact more effectively with, your customers (Analytics, Big Data…)
  • Integrate a market place

A specialist in Digital Commerce, and a pioneer of the integration of the hybris (SAP) solution, Keyrus assists you in your digital transformation, with a broad offering oriented towards information access and analysis, the performance of your omni-commerce platforms, behavioral analysis and customer e-Relations on the digital channels.

The Group's international skills and production centers (France, Tunisia, China, Brazil) help you to put in place the most innovative Digital Commerce solutions and deploy your projects on an international scale.

Keyrus also integrates e-commerce solutions such as Drupal Commerce, Magento, Prestashop…


  • Digital Commerce Strategy and Associated Roadmap

    With Time to Market paramount, the definition of a Digital Commerce strategy, and the integration of an innovative omni-commerce platform, are structured around a whole set of elements which are economic - ROI, TCO -, functional - choice of distribution channels -, technical - integration into the IS - and geographical – country roll out. 

    Capitalizing on the large number of omnichannel projects undertaken by it in France and internationally, its knowledge of the business issues surrounding Digital Commerce and its mastery of the most innovative technologies, Keyrus possesses all the assets to help you to define your Digital Commerce strategy and put it in place effectively.

    • Perform a functional and technical audit
    • Benchmark innovative solutions on the market and participate in the choice of tools
    • Define priorities and iterative Roadmaps
    • Schedule and design 

  • Product Information Management (PIM)

    Product Information Management (PIM) is a technology for the centralized management of information on a product, with a view to ensuring the effective and precise distribution of this information on all channels - stores, web, mobile, terminals, social networks...

    The challenge for the enterprise is to construct an enriched, dynamic and centralized products repository, to enable access to the data and supply automated interfaces for maintaining or consuming data – product information sheets, visuals, repositories, imports, exports, production of supporting documentation...

    Keyrus's experts possess all the necessary skills to assist you in defining and implementing your PIM/PCM.

    • Model product catalogs (PIM/PCM)
    • Model business processes : Workflow, Pricing, Order Management…
    • Integrate and deploy tests
    • Provide Third Party Application Maintenance

  • Implementation of Omnichannel Platforms

    The judicious choice, and controlled implementation, of an innovative omnichannel platform allows enterprises to offer their customers a unified and personalized experience on the Web.

    A key player in Digital Commerce, Keyrus accelerates and secures the implementation of your omnichannel platform.

    • Draft the general and detailed functional specifications (business and e-commerce experts)
    • Draft the technical specifications – foremost hybris SAP expert in France, Mirakl, RichRelevance, FredHopper, SolR… - and languages - J2EE, Spring, HTML, Javascript…
    • Undertake the IS integration (CRM, ERP…)
    • Take charge of the scheduling, risk management, monitoring of the budget and deadlines
    • Undertake the integration, deployment and tests
    • Provide Third Party Application Maintenance 

  • Omnicommerce Analytics

    Thanks to its combined know-how in Data intelligence and Digital Experience, Keyrus helps you define and deploy your Digital Analytics strategy and solutions.

    • Identify, collect and analyze actionable data coming from the interaction of customers on all digital channels
    • Put in place dashboards for steering omni-commerce activities
    • Monitor habits in order to optimize the Search and personalization on the Web
    • Put in place Web Analytics tools and associated KPIs
    • Implement Data visualization

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  • Altarea Cogedim

    Assistance with defining and developing the omnichannel strategy, launching an innovative system of digital terminals in several Parisian train stations and shopping centers, developing a digital factory enabling websites and mobile applications to be deployed for each of the shopping centers, launching innovative cross-channel services.

  • Arezzo

    Design of a new multi-country (Brazil, USA) and multi-brand omnichannel e-commerce platform to optimize the user experience : assistance in developing the omnichannel strategy and during the migration towards the new platform, integration of the hybris solution.

  • Cache Cache

    Deployment of the foundations of the group's multi-channel strategy in Asia for roll-out in a short timeframe using hybris accelerator as the base. Multi-brand, multi-country and multi-channel design.

  • Galeries Lafayette

    Scoping and implementation of the redesign of the e-commerce site (Hybris E-commerce platform, Endeca Searchandising) on the scale of the entire Galeries Lafayette group.

  • La Grande Récré

    Implementation of a multi-channel and product catalog management platform, implementation of a 'PIM' (Product Information Management): 400 attributes, multi-country, and multi-brand international sourcing, deployment of the website of la Grande Récré and deployment of cross-channel services.