Digital Marketing & CRM

The massive development of digital has caused the customer to seize greater power. From now on, he wants to have an overall brand experience, that is to say, a customer relationship which is omnichannel, consistent, homogenous and transparent on all channels. It has thus become imperative for the enterprise to achieve convergence.

In this context, the digital enterprise must improve the customer experience, simplify customer journeys and make them more fluid by undertaking specific actions :

  • Putting in place 360° vision of customers and prospects, in order to better understand the contributions made by each of the channels
  • Having better knowledge of its customers, in order to develop greater personalization of the customer relationship
  • Improving marketing actions to increase commercial effectiveness
  • Taking better control of interactions with customers through unified management and the more effective integration of social media, in order to improve the customer relationship and customer satisfaction

A specialist in customer insight and the omnichannel customer relationship, Keyrus's mission is to help enterprises constantly improve the customer relationship and experience by taking advantage of the digital revolution and data explosion. 


  • Digital Marketing Automation - Omnichannel Campaign Management

    Digital Marketing Automation makes it possible to integrate digital channels - mobility, social networks – with the CRM, and propose a customer experience of marketing campaigns which corresponds to the omnichannel and real-time expectation of customers.

    • Define the customer experience and omnichannel customer journeys
    • Improve the effectiveness of cross-channel campaigns
    • Design and deploy CRM solutions and tools, manage campaigns
    • Define and implement "Customer Centric" data architectures to ensure the consistency and quality of data in a complex sphere

  • Omnichannel Customer Service

    The emergence of new channels and the digitalization of the customer relationship is bringing about a transformation of the customer relations function, which is now resolutely omnichannel.

    • Position yourself as an incubator : organize an operational pilot to identify, experiment with and then apply the performance improvement levers more generally
    • Listen to the "customer voice", to improve operational processes and notably customer satisfaction
    • Design and deploy customer service solutions on social networks (social CRM)
    • Promote the upskilling and performance of Customer Service players
    • Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce expertise and partnerships
  • Social CRM

    Social CRM is a solution for the commercial functions, to help them animate the business function - Lead Generation, challenges -, the customer relationship – customer management and support via social networks – and marketing – customer innovation and monitoring.

    • Exploit the social networks to identify new prospects, generate commercial opportunities and develop customer loyalty and engagement
    • Marry up, in real time, CRM data with customer information coming from social networks and the Web in order to develop commercial effectiveness
    • Put in place a plan for specific commercial actions on social networks and increase the volume of contacts targeted
    • Automate the commercial relationship on social networks
  • Omnichannel Sales Force Automation

    The digital customer has the effect of imposing major changes to the commercial function, with the application of Sales Force Automation (SFA) skills and tools.

    • Improve commercial effectiveness through processes and skills : omnichannel sales, customer engagement, new lead generation …
    • Design and deploy innovative approaches : mobility, apps, Enterprise Social Network, Social Selling…
    • Coordinate commercial teams, notably through TAM Place, the Keyrus ESN solution
    • Benefit from Microsoft CRM and Salesforce expertise and partnerships
  • Omnichannel Customer Repository

    The digital customer exerts a very strong impact on the means available for gaining insight into him and interacting effectively with him : there is an increasing quantity of information to be known about him, his journeys are growing in complexity, he expects real-time, omnichannel processing, sales cycles are shortening, etc. In this context, the CRM base must rely on new processes and tools enabling the omnichannel customer / prospect repository to be managed.

    • Orient the strategy towards the digital customer and CRM repository
    • Put in place the governance of customer data
    • Define the MDM strategy and architecture of the customer I.S.
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  • Air France KLM

    Creation of new services around air travel definition of the processes linked to these new services (marketing, sales, delivery, management), expressions of needs and functional and technical specifications, assistance with the choice of tool, development, testing, acceptance testing and deployment of the tool, design of the training portfolios and provision of the training, assistance with deployment, coordination and management of the project.

  • Canadian Financial Institution

    Implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to optimize the management and analysis of the institution’s client portfolio.

  • Primagaz

    Scoping and definition of the CRM project for the Commercial Department, deployment of the Microsoft CRM tool with the sales teams, management of the project in collaboration with the editor, the integrator and all those individuals involved internally operational assistance (communication, training, user assistance, monitoring of appropriation).