Digital Performance

Digital Performance addresses the need for enterprises to optimize the effectiveness of their digital ecosystems along the entire value chain : from acquiring the audience, through to gaining customer loyalty for commercial or marketing purposes. This skill relies heavily on two pillars - tools and methods for testing, as well as those for Web Analytics - in order to allow Digital Performance to be measured and managed.

These methods, which are "user"-focused and agile by their very essence, promote the profitability of actions undertaken as well as the valorization of the brand capital.

  • Ensure the performance of the digital mix : reduction in acquisition costs, limitation of customer churn, etc.
  • Ensure the performance of interfaces : Upsell, CrossSell, limitation of bounce rates, improvement of the conversion rate
  • Define performance indicators, understand and evaluate issues
  • Steer performance : define KPIs and calculate the ROI

With its combined know-how in Data and Digital, Keyrus gives data a central role when it comes to understanding, and mastering, your brands' digital ecosystem.


  • Ergonomic and Functional Design

    Creation of personas on the basis of analyses of environmental and behavioral data, and based on the definition of customer objectives. Materialization of the journeys (Metro Map) to identify points of convergence. Production of wireframes and annotated and interactive functional prototypes enabling digital interfaces to be defined in a precise and contextualized manner. The prototype can also serve as a test support.

    • Create personas
    • Implement Metro Maps
    • Produce an annotated functional prototype

  • Graphic Creation and Web & Mobile Development

    Creation of interfaces based on wireframes and functional prototypes.

    Creation of editorial and/or media content. Creation of e-advertising formats.

    • Create static graphic mock-ups
    • Integrate Responsive and Adaptive Designs
    • Produce Storyboards
    • Integrate HTML5 / CSS3, JS-type Web, PHP / MySql, Node JS languages
    • Put in place Frameworks and CMS (Symfony 2, Drupal, Wordpress)
    • Ensure mobile application development : Objective C, Swift, Java...

  • Performance of the User Interfaces (UI)

    For all types of terminal – mobile, smart watch, smart devices…. – the performance of interfaces relies on better insight into users and their behavior, so as to address their expectations more effectively. Measuring this effectiveness is made possible by Web Analytics. The testing tools and methods enable continual improvement, making it possible to aim for optimal performance.

    • Define personas and user journeys
    • Implement the prototyping and the testing method : AB Testing and multi-variable
    • Analyze results and methods for continual improvement : lean UX, lean start-up…

  • Performance of the Digital Mix

    The digital mix is the activation, in a harmonious manner, of the entirety of channels for acquiring 

    customers and winning their loyalty. Its purpose is to optimize the investment and reduce acquisition costs. Its effectiveness depends on the fit between the message or the offering, the vector of communication and its context, the marketing pressure and the targeting. It favors interaction with the customer so as to optimize the probability of the transaction.

    • Analyze cross-media data
    • Define performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Optimize the digital mix 

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  • Food Industry leader

    Define the brand's mobile strategy, including:analyse all links is the value chain (pre-sale, sales, after-sales), benchmark the strategy with others in the European market, make strategic and operational recommendations (2012-2013 roadmap).

  • Havana (groupe Pernod Ricard)

    Digital assistance for the websites of two of the group's brands: responsive design on the two sites, graphical re-design desktop, tablet and mobile readability, multilingual and multi-version technological development.

  • International hotel and catering group

    Conception of an online application for generating commercial presentations. A tool which enables the easy creation, on the fly, of quality, homogenous presentations personalised for their clients.

  • Major media group

    Design and creation of a multi-device interface dedicated to youth programs. The application, devised for mobiles, tablets, connected TV and of course the Web, proposes more than 150 episodes of cartoons. The interactivity has been designed both for parents and children, including gamification and social interaction thinking.

  • Major transport group

    Functional design, creation and development of the new Intranet intended for travel agents, in order to facilitate information searches thanks to a powerful engine, organize content with a clear and effective redefined tree structure and optimize site performance. Re-integration of existing content. Deployment of a system of usable statistics on user connections, this being a reference for incentives by sales agents.