Keyrus, an international Consulting and Technologies Group specializing in Data and Digital, views the world of services as one bringing innovation and sustainable development to companies.

Signatory to the United Nations Global Compact

Keyrus joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2011, thus undertaking to respect and apply all the principles of the Compact. This commitment is reflected in the company's social responsibility, its behaviour and actions regarding sustainable development and environmental problems, and its social commitment.

Today, these principles guide on a daily basis all relations and behavior with our employees, clients, shareholders, suppliers and every other person or legal entity that works with the Group.

These are values that strengthen Keyrus in its role: advising clients in their choices and supporting them in their major transformation projects whilst demonstrating an irreproachable ethical and moral code.

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An environmentally aware Group

To help protect the planet, Keyrus endeavours to reduce its impact on the environment by cutting energy consumption and business trips, and by systematically recycling waste products, both hardware and consumables. Communication campaigns are organized regularly to draw attention to the environmental impact of the Group's activities. These campaigns raise awareness and motivate employees to act in environmentally friendly ways.

Actual actions taken regarding ethics and sustainable development:

• Environmental policy introduced into the training programmes dealing with the Group's social responsibility

• Awareness and motivation of employees raised regarding present and future environmental issues

• Local and international laws and regulations dealing with the environment respected

• A carbon emissions assessment and the implementation throughout the Group of indicators to measure the performance of environmental actions undertake.

Respecting Human Rights

Keyrus respects and promotes the basic human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Broadly speaking, the Group places the dignity and worth of the human person at the centre of its values.

Encouraging diversity and social engagement

Diversity is part of the very DNA of the Group. Keyrus places particular importance on respecting the principles of equality and non-discrimination linked to age, gender, ethnic origin, nationality, religion, handicaps, marital status, sexual orientation, and political or philosophical opinions, both when hiring and in the professional development of their employees. As an international and multicultural company, Keyrus thus undertakes to act as a responsible employer towards every one of the employees working for the Group and to do so in exactly the same way for all and without discrimination.

This commitment can be seen through many concrete actions:

  •  For several years now, Keyrus has been a signatory to the Diversity Charter to promote equality of access to jobs and equal opportunities and to combat against all forms of discrimination.
  • Keyrus is a founding member of the French Association of Managers for Diversity.
  •  Keyrus has signed the Corporate Parenthood Charter that aims to assist employees with children and combat discrimination against them.
  • Keyrus is a member of "IMS-Entreprendre pour la cité" ("Enterprise for the inner city") and the association "Nos quartiers ont des talents" ("Talents in the suburbs") whose actions are based on the mentoring of young graduates from so-called "difficult" suburbs.
  • In France, Keyrus, along with APEC (the management-level employment agency), is working to help young people integrate the world of work through the "Tremplin Jeune" ("Youth springboard") Charter.
  • In 2013, Keyrus began a partnership with the Responsible Growth Foundation to enable junior high school teachers to do internships in companies to improve their knowledge of their businesses and thus be able to offer better career advice to their pupils.

Listening carefully to our clients to establish a long-term relationship

Hearing and understanding our clients' needs is a priority of the Group. Keyrus thus undertakes to supply their clients with only the most relevant and appropriate solutions in order to control their costs and return on investment. Every project includes performance indicators with perfectly measurable results. Listening and discussion are at the heart of the client relationship to create genuine proximity with managers. Keyrus thus builds a durable, satisfying relationship with each of its clients, thus helping to ensure their loyalty.


Sharing a code of ethics with suppliers and partners

Being aware of the potential impact of its professional practices in all of its activities, Keyrus undertakes to follow reliable, long-term purchasing procedures. A good understanding of these impacts allows them to be reduced. Keyrus also remains attentive to the expectations of its suppliers, partners and clients concerning the environment and adherence to codes of ethics. For this purpose, the Group systematically endeavours to pro-actively integrate the dimensions of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in the services it provides.