Innovation & Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is, above all, a strategy of means, aimed at putting in place a coherent digital ecosystem, in line with the overall strategy of the enterprise. The digital strategy must take account of the enterprise's various constraints and specificities, such as its culture, values, positioning, brand DNA, market, existing communication and marketing arrangements, digital ecosystem and performance.

The digital strategy must be a long-term initiative (with a Roadmap and KPIs), and specify what means are allocated to its concrete implementation (the rationale being to calculate and optimize your digital investments).

  • Analyse existing arrangements / seamless development
  • Formalize a clear vision of digital issues
  • Define SMART objectives: Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound
  • Compose the digital Roadmap
  • Prioritize projects and actions by medium
  • Formulate KPIs and monitoring
  • Mesure ROIs (Return on Investment) and ROO (digital investments)

Keyrus's Digital Strategy consultants and experts cultivate the skill of, and flair for, combining brand experience with conversion rates. They assist you in defining your overall digital strategy and orchestrate the most cutting-edge innovative digital systems.


  • Brand Platform Strategy

    This involves undertaking a detailed analysis of the DNA of an advertiser-brand, its brand territory and values, in order to anticipate changes and trends, having regard to the environment, sector and competition. The objective is to define a clear vision and implement a branding strategy capable of generating lasting appeal, awareness, influence and commitment. The aim for the brand is to ensure that its positioning strategy be formulated, and its publicity campaigns conducted, in such a way as to be unique and different.

    • Analyze the existing situation and benchmarks
    • Deploy an agile method of co-working
    • Make strategic recommendations (including brand book)

  • New Business Models

    The explosion in data and processing capabilities is causing the emergence of new business models for numerous economic players, both on new or existing value chains. Innovative monetization models are appearing for players possessing data, either to pad out existing products and services, or to open up new areas of offerings. Exploiting these models successfully induces new skills, dedicated governance solutions and external partnerships. Keyrus covers all the subjects enabling you to valorize your data asset base financially and expand it.

    • Carry out benchmarks
    • Adopt a strategic positioning
    • Identify the human, organizational and technological impact

  • Digital Roadmap

    Constructing a digital roadmap involves first describing its strategy clearly, taking into consideration all the areas affected by the digital transformation, from the organization / HR through marketing / communication to the technologies and media concerned. The digital Roadmap is structured around the following key stages, with which Keyrus can provide you with comprehensive assistance.

    • Define digital governance
    • Draft a digital marketing / communication plan
    • Deploy new technological tools
    • Formulate a schedule and associated deliverables
  • Data Management Platforms

    The promise of Data Management Platforms (DMP) is to offer a common base of digital data. Data on customers and prospects are collected, analyzed, then utilized in real time on all the communication channels. This customer and prospect intelligence is thus used to promote your omnichannel strategies and the user experience.

    • Segment customers / prospects on- and off-line
    • Attribute sales
    • Optimize media
    • Optimize the CRM and PRM
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  • Digital sciences and technologies player

    The National IT and Automatism Research Institute (l’Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatisme) has recently changed its identity, becoming "Inria, inventor  of the digital world". Keyrus assists  Inria in the emergence of the new brand and of its "transfer of innovation" offering to French businesses: positioning, site creation, community animation.

  • Elegia

    "Digital branding" mission for this Professional Training and Continuing Education center, including the redesign of the site and the activation of sales mechanisms inspired by e-Commerce. 

  • European financial services group

    Delivering Consulting services to the managers in charge of digital strategy and customer relations in order to prioritize, scope and deploy the portfolio of digital projects (creation of new online services, improvement of the customer experience). Providing assistance with all stages of project launches (strategic scoping, advisability study including the business case, monitoring implementation with all contributors..).

  • European financial services group

    Redesign of the Carrières website for all of the group's sites around the world. Installation of a study phase (on/offline mix, including five countries with a qualitative study and ten countries with a quantitative study), monitoring of a functional and graphical recommendation phase, design of the new artistic direction of the Carrières site - qualitative pretest on creating and managing users, full technical development of the site.

  • Leading international energy player

    Assisting with the definition and implementation of a digitalization strategy around a BIM (Building Information Management) project. A comprehensive assistance assignment (market studies, analysis of competitors' positioning, guaging of markets, organization of awareness seminars for Group management).

  • Stade de France

    360° support for the digital strategy of Stade de France: brand strategy, site audit, usability study and definition of new approaches for diversifying revenue, development and management of a relationship program for the Stade's programming and services.