Innovation is an integral part of the DNA of Keyrus and its development. It is the underlying force in the development of all the Group's activities and offerings.

For this purpose, the Group has for many years had a dedicated Innovation Centre that monitors technological developments and undertakes sustained R&D work for each of Keyrus's major activities.

Keyrus's ability to innovate and develop depends on its being able to do two things: constantly detect the latest technologies and innovative usages, then make their clients the first to benefit from them.


The Keyrus Innovation Centre is dedicated to monitoring new technological developments and incubating projects and methods based on pioneering software components. Its mission, in close collaboration with the Group's consulting activities, is to identify the most innovative solutions in Data Intelligence, Digital, and the organization and transformation of companies. The teams use agile methods to set up Proofs of Value / Proofs of Concept. Companies can thus achieve their aims quickly and within budget, while still optimizing their ROI.  

Monitoring technology at the international level

Keyrus has offices in North America - Canada and the USA - and in Israel, places that are often considered the innovation strongholds of the major editors and the birthplaces of the main emerging technologies.

By being present in these markets, the Group can quickly anticipate future technological developments and take advantage of the experience of these "early adopter" markets. Another advantage is that this also means that Keyrus can be among the very first to promote and market the latest, most innovative technologies.

Keyrus thus led the field in launching the following software solutions: Netezza, Qlik, Oracle / Endeca, Kxen, and more recently, hybris, Roambi, iAdvize, DigDash, XLCubed, Tableau Software, Datawatch, Alteryx, Semdee, Revolution Analytics, Semarchy, Gathering Tools, Hortonworks, Cloudera, Brandwatch, etc.

Innovation service consulting

The creation within the Group of a strategy and management consultancy, Keyrus Management, came about because some recognised leaders in this business noticed that the structure of existing consultancies and the services they provided no longer really corresponded to market needs. 

Substantial investments have allowed new concepts and methodologies to be laid down in order to define a more innovative consulting plan, better adapted to rapidly evolving organizations in terms of management and transformation.


In a similar vein, the digital activities of the Keyrus Group rely continuously on their strong capacities for innovation - incentive user experiences, social networks, mobility and omni-channel, etc. - to effectively support companies in their digital transformation.


Keyrus's dedicated Data Intelligence and Digital Performance software solutions

As a result of the collaboration between the Innovation Centre and the various Research & Development units located in Israel, Switzerland and the United States, Keyrus can offer a set of software solutions and suites dedicated to decision-making and digital performance, that complement the major market solutions.


Reference Data Administrator®

Version Manager®

Enterprise Manager®

Enterprise Backup®

BI Framework®

Quality Gates®

Keyrus RapidStore for hybris®