A clear mission, increasing value for our clients

Specialist in performance management, combining consulting and technological achievements in an integrated manner, the Keyrus Group pursues a clear mission: "To help organizations transform in order to enhance their performance and profitability by analyzing and valorizing their Data (Data Intelligence) and mastering Digital (Digital Experience)."

Longstanding technological expertise

A specialist in Data technologies (BI) and partner of the leading editors, Keyrus helps companies to control, analyze and valorize their data, for a better understanding of their markets and customers. Companies thus improve their operational agility and increase their capacity to quickly make the best decisions at all levels of the company.

Facilitating your digital transformation

An Internet pioneer, Keyrus assists companies with their digital transformation and performance. Its designers, publicists, consultants and technology experts help brands define their digital strategies. They orchestrate the most cutting-edge digital systems, from a company's corporate site to its Facebook page, from a local communication campaign to a major international e-Commerce project.

Knowledge of your market

In addition to its functional expertise and to respond effectively to certain specific markets, Keyrus has developed a dedicated agile approach and in-depth business skills in several major sectors of the economy: Banking / Finance, Retail, Insurance, Health and Social Protection, Utilities. 

A worldwide presence for your major projects

Keyrus's international dimension coupled with the combination of its areas of expertise means that it can access and respond comprehensively and effectively to your major projects and their worldwide deployment. Its strong near- and off-shore capabilities enable you to control your costs more effectively and optimize your resources.