Keyrus at the heart of professions in Digital and Data

Social networks, cloud, Big Data, mobility, connected objects… data is in all that we do and digital is re-writing the rule book for communication and modes of consumption. This is a (r)evolution which is upsetting the enterprise's economic models. The consequence is that from now on, the enterprise has to deal with ultra-connected, ultra-informed and ultra-demanding customers, employees and intermediaries. 

Enterprises must therefore innovate and develop their product or service offerings to constantly adapt their organizations, expertise and skills to this perpetually changing world.

In such a context, professions and functions are also developing, based on Data- and Digital-oriented knowledge and skills, the aim being to assist the enterprise with the new challenges posed by its transformation.

A longstanding key player in Data and Digital, Keyrus is at the heart of this (r)evolution. 

These new professions are structured around the following three spheres. 

"Data Scientists are scientists trained in applied mathematics and in the most recent advanced IT. They are capable of exploiting the immense masses of multi-structured data (Big Data) requiring sophisticated mathematical techniques designed to extract the relevant information. 

The work of Data Scientists relies heavily on statistical processing of data (mathematical statistics, digital statistics or machine learning) : from analysis of exploratory data to the most sophisticated inference (hierarchical graphic models) and classification or regression (deep learning, support vector machine) techniques. 

For these methods to be developed on the scale of massive data (Big Data), data distribution mechanisms and calculations on a very large scale need to be mastered." Bruno T., Scientific, R&D and Innovation Director.

Digital experience groups together the key professions in digital design : creative individuals, experts in user journeys and interfaces (UX), digital strategy consultants as well as individuals with technical development profiles work together to turn this experience into concrete reality. 

Designers of interactive interfaces take into account practices and forms of behavior to produce the most effective screens possible at each stage of the user journey. 

In order to detect areas for improvement of existing journeys or to manage the performance of new interfaces, web analytics experts and user test teams enable precious data to be collected and analyzed.

Implementing digital transformation and mastering "data" in all its possible uses now form an integral part of the assignments on which the Keyrus Group's strategy, organization and management consultants work daily with their clients.

Whether it be on assignments to improve business performance management, conquer new markets within digital ecosystems or develop skills management within the business, our consultants enrich their consulting know-how with techniques associated with data and/or with the digital sphere.

In this framework, our teams must be capable of interacting on a daily basis with the Keyrus Group's specific technological expertise in : 

  • Analyzing and modelling voluminous or complex data
  • Presenting analyses and recommendations instructively in the form of interactive dashboards (tool-supported consulting)
  • Leading projects with collaborative and agile tools and methods originating from the world of the web

By applying this combined know-how, our teams can thus help their clients to re-think their projects in shorter time horizons and in a constant drive for performance and pragmatism.

Innovating, transforming the enterprise, developing new services, digitalizing a function, building intelligent information systems…these are all fields in which Keyrus accompanies you on exciting and enriching journeys !