At Keyrus, values are experienced on a daily basis, upheld by each individual and shared by all

Corporate culture: to move forward and grow together in a collaborative and stimulating working environment in order to constantly bring new solutions to clients.

Innovation culture: this is the real DNA of the Group, supported by constant monitoring of developments in technologies and methodologies. The objective is to encourage each employee to come up with new ideas and take initiatives to develop ever more innovative projects.

Sense and quality of service : these are real pointers for the teams in the conduct of projects, client relationships and internal relations. Our guiding principle : a constant spirit of mutual support and collaboration. 

Social responsibility : Keyrus is a corporate citizen, committed each year to implementing concrete actions in line with CSR policy.

Human and cultural diversity : a founding principle of Keyrus, this sits at the heart of sustainable performance and gives this international and multicultural group its richness. It is applied daily through strict respect for principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in the Group's recruitment and career management policy. 

Keyrus's commitment 

  • Signing the diversity charter to promote equal access to jobs, equal opportunities and the fight against all forms of discrimination
  • Founding member of the French Association of Diversity Managers (Association Française des Managers de la Diversité), created in 2007
  • Signing the corporate parenthood charter to assist employees with children and combat discrimination against them. This commitment means that sympathetic consideration is given to requests for parental leave, part-time working or teleworking arrangements and also that family constraints are taken into account when posting female or male employees on assignments
  • Member of the organization IMS "Enterprise for the inner city" (IMS "Entreprendre pour la cité") and of the association "Our neighbourhoods have talent" (Nos quartiers ont des talents), the work of which is based on sponsoring young graduates from what are known as deprived neighbourhoods
  • Adhering to the Youth Springboard Charter (Charte Tremplin Jeunes), to help young people enter the workforce. Keyrus works alongside the association for the employment of managerial staff (APEC) and undertakes to receive young people for interview if their candidacy corresponds to its skills requirements, and to provide reasoned feedback to rejected candidates
  • Partnership with the Foundation for Responsible Growth in 2013 to enable college teachers to undertake an immersion placement in a company in order to improve their knowledge of its businesses and thus provide better guidance to their pupils.