The pharmaceutical industry has been hit hard by the crisis of recent years. It shows and unprecedented and growing decline in sales of mediciners and a loss of revenue linked to patent expiries.

Pharmaceutical laboratories must thus react quickly and transform themselves, so as to shift from an industrial "manufacturer of medicines" model to a broader, "Customer Centric" offering which includes new medicine dispensing and patient support services. Repositioned in this way as a fully-fledged health player, the pharmaceutical industry can hope to quickly find new growth and value-creation levers to help it deal with toughening economic and regulatory conditions.

The Keyrus Group has a CRO - Contract Research Organization – activity which operates on an international scale under the Keyrus Biopharma brand and employs more than 250 staff. Through this business, the Keyrus Group has been partnering the Research activity of the Big Pharma companies for more than 15 years.

This business know-how, associated with Keyrus's combined expertise in the fields of Data Intelligence, Digital and transformation management Consulting, enables it to provide comprehensive assistance to the sector. The Keyrus Group can thus assist this sector's companies to address a great many of the sector's current challenges : the development of its economic models and business lines, digital transformation, image management, market access, the relationship with patients, management of Big Data and customer data… 

Processing and valorization of data associated with clinical research

Operating at the heart of innovation, Keyrus today has recognized know-how ensuring the valorization of clinical trial data in the fields of pharmaceutical research, biotechnologies, nutritional products, and medical devices.

  • Pharmacovigilance Management - ARGUS & SharePoint
  • Steering of, and KPIs for, clinical trials - QlikView
  • Data Management - integrator of several eCRF , ORDC, INFORM, Xclinical
  • Big Data approach applied to clinical trials
  • Randomization – IWRS
  • Clinical & pharmacovigilance reporting - SAP BO
  • Pharmaceutical marketing - statistics, predictions and symbolic data
  • Management of support function outsourcing operations with Third-Party Application Maintenance, Third-Party Application Acceptance – management of applications, infrastructures, BPM, eClinical Cloud… -, service center and development center offerings

Partner in research undertaken by medicine and nutrition enterprises

Through its CRO - Contract Research Organization – activity, Keyrus has expertise covering all phases of development, from preclinical studies and phase I to IV clinical studies through to epidemiological investigations. The Group pays particular attention to compliance with SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures – and the recommendations of the ICH GCP - International Conference on Harmonisation - Good Clinical Practices. 

  • Project feasibility and management
  • Regulatory matters
  • Data Management
  • Biostatistics
  • Medical writing
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Bioinformatics



    Putting in place of a Data Management SAS support platform.

  • Leading pharmaceutical industry player

    Study on the impact of new merchandising in pharmacies, defining the study methodology (mix between quanti, quali and online), drafting 3 different questionnaires: customers, pharmacist and animation script, analyzing and summarizing the results and defining recommended actions.