Montréal - Canada - Intelligent CRM Mobility in 2015: The Uniprix experience

  • #Digital Experience

Uniprix will be joining Keyrus for the 2nd Annual mobility event : “The client experience revolution”.  

A platinum sponsor of the Mobility event hosted by the Réseau action TI of Montreal, Keyrus Canada we will be demonstrating enterprise mobility at its best!

Portable computers and mobile phones have allowed for enterprise mobility to be a given for many years now.  With the rise of new devices such as tablets, smart phones, connected objects and wearables, the true challenge has become adapting working methods and IT systems in order to truly benefit from the advantages promised by technology.

During this conference you will be exposed to best practices which allow a company to make the optimal selection when choosing mobile devices, adapt working methods to obtain true mobility and maximise the ROI of technological initiatives.

Uniprix will be sharing feedback from their mobility experience which was meant to offer better customer service to their franchises across the province whilst also optimising the tasks of 60 expert consultants.


Éric L'Heureux, Directeur adjoint, Technologies de l’Information Uniprix 

Kym Dupuis, Manager Solutions CRM Microsoft (Europe) Groupe Keyrus

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