Shanghai - China - O2O commerce: new challenges, new solutions Discover the new ways to develop online sales

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Innovative case studies and new solutions to increase sales and develop loyalty

Social media, instore omni-channel commerce, mobile: digital revolution continues and accelerates, forcing brands and distributors to adapt their plans and build new solutions.

Build a powerful omni-channel platform, with an attractive shopping experience, is no longer enough. Relevant answers to the following questions is now the key to develop online sales:

• How leverage on the social media traffic, especially Wechat ? Use Social Media not only for branding, but also for business is possible and highly recommanded. Discover best case studies in China.

• How build a "mobile first" strategy ? Mobile commerce represent often 40% of the traffic and the most important part of the growth. Find out how best-in-class companies managed this transformation

• How implement a relevant and successfull O2O model ? Instore trafic can be used to develop online sales... in the store. Uncover how a european leader implements a O2O approach, allowing new sales for all the channels

• How build a model balanced between marketplaces and own online sales ? A long-term omnichannel strategy implies an ability to use the best of the two worlds.

The future of commerce is today… 

Take part in this seminar and discover how Keyrus and Hybris may help your company Improve your digital performances to increase sales, attract buyers and rapidly build customer loyalty. 

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