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Meetic increases the engagement of its members on mobile thanks to Accengage and Keyrus.

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Keyrus, an international player in the fields of Data Intelligence (Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics), Digital, and Consulting on the Management and Transformation of enterprises, and Accengage, European leader in Mobile Engagement technologies, announce the implementation, for Meetic Group, of a CRM-integrated mobile push platform, intended to generate interactivity and to provide a 360° vision of customer behavior.

Interactive mobile services to strengthen customer engagement

One of the issues related to mobility is to strengthen customer engagement, and this can be done using the system of push notifications, which sends mobile application users messages and alerts encouraging them to return to the application.

Meetic Group, the number 1 dating service in Europe, sends more than a million push notifications to its members each day. With strong growth in volumes, Meetic wished to optimize its system by making it interactive and obtaining a fine-tuned tracking of activity. To achieve these goals, Meetic chose Accengage's solution integrated by Keyrus.

Thanks to the solution implemented, Meetic obtains essential information with which to adapt its multi-channel strategy. "We were able to check that too high a level of marketing pressure led to a drop in click rates, and we have been able to readjust our targeting accordingly" explains Cynthia Ramirez, Multi-Channel Manager in the CRM Department of Meetic Group. Analyzing customer engagement has also highlighted the positive impact of promotional communications, provided that the benefit to the customer is clearly put forward.

A well thought-out strategy of integration with Adobe Campaign

In order to take full advantage of the Accengage platform's capabilities, Meetic wished to integrate it into its marketing automation system, Adobe Campaign. Achieving this meant putting in place a high level of integration making it possible to obtain a 360° vision of the customer.

Keyrus's expertise in the field of CRM made it possible to achieve this integration in 6 weeks, which was the time frame laid down by Meetic for this project. "Keyrus brought us its technical expertise and added value in the implementation of the connector, whilst at the same time adhering to the standards of the two solutions in SaaS mode, states Cyril Lauwereins, Head of CRM IT at Meetic GroupKeyrus is now helping us to implement the synchronization of the Accengage reporting data with our tools."

Today, when business users at Meetic activate Accengage's platform for sending push notifications, they do so in a transparent manner. Thanks to the customization of the forms created by Keyrus, they create their mobile campaigns directly within the Adobe Campaign software and retrieve, for each member, all the interactions generated by these push notifications.

This perfect integration of the channels facilitates the construction of multi-channel campaigns by making use of the complementarity of the e-mail and push notifications.

"Meetic sought to take advantage of all the innovations and particularities of Mobile CRM with Accengage, whilst at the same time centralizing its management of the campaigns in its existing tool, Adobe Campaign. That allows them to benefit from the numerous formats of the mobile channel (push notifications including images (Android), push notification AlertBox (Android), in-app messages, inbox message center…) as well as data on mobile behavior to activate real-time triggers… and tomorrow, real-time geomarketing functionalities" declares Jérôme Stioui, President and CEO of Accengage.

According to Jean-François Nawawi, Digital Customer & Commerce Director at Keyrus "Meetic is a benchmark in multi-channel communication and we are proud to have been chosen to implement this strategic project." "Through the expertise of our teams, we were able to honor our commitments in terms of the time frame and compliance with technological standards, adds Remy Barbillon, CRM Manager at Keyrus. Our parnership with Accengage enables us to offer clients equipped with Adobe Campaign the best solution for broadcasting push notification and in-app messaging campaigns".

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