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With Printing from Vizubi, Keyrus simplifies and automates the creation and the distribution of Business Intelligence reports in QlikView

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An international player in performance management consulting and in the integration of Business Intelligence solutions, Keyrus permanently strives to identify, and foster, new market offerings relating to managing, and bringing out the value of, data, so as to offer its clients innovative solutions which complement the product and service offerings of the sector's leading editors.


It is in this spirit, and on the back of recognised expertise in QlikView solutions which this year won it the titles of "N° 1 QlikTech partner" and of "Best Solutions Provider" in France that Keyrus has chosen to join with Vizubi to promote the NPrinting solution which simplifies, and automates, the creation and the distribution of reports produced using QlikView.


"The relationship with Keyrus has put NPrinting in front of important clients in a number of key markets. This strategic partnership will allow both companies to continue to provide clients with the richest experience possible based on the QlikView platform. We are honored to be part of the Keyrus team", comments Aran Nathanson - VP Sales, Alliances & Customer Care at Vizubi.


Mastering and automating the multi-format reports under QlikView

As a key integrator of the QlikTech solutions since 2007, Keyrus has already deployed QlikView, a solution for the visualization and manipulation of analytical data for the end-user, in more than 150 businesses in France, making the business-line users fully autonomous in their use of this Business Intelligence tool.


If QlikView makes it possible for its users to generate reports under the PDF format, this can often prove to be restrictive when, for example, one must also insert these documents, or the information they contain, in other widely-used desktop tools.


NPrinting is a truly innovative solution which connects itself directly to one or more QlikView applications in order to extract data and images from them and generate reports in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML.). The software also automates the dissemination and sharing processes for greater ease of management and use.


As an expert of the NPrinting solution, Keyrus thus assists its clients with all phases of the integration of the software, the implementation of automated reports and the training of the relevant IT staff and end-users. The goal is, above all, to make the business completely autonomous in the creation and distribution of its reports, through an effective and comprehensive transfer of skill.


Beyond the possibility of using the QlikView reports under multiple formats, the NPrinting software also offers a very rich and extensive functional scope. In order to meet the requirements of the business-line users, the IT staff (developers, database administrators, BI managers...) can, for example, use NPrinting to automate the generation of personalised reports combining the various fields of information : products, clients, geographical zone, sales manager etc...


Another specific feature of NPrinting is that it can also automate the generation of a multi-application report by drawing upon data from various sources.


" The business thereby automates the dissemination of reports (or their being made available on shared and secured directories) not only to its employees, but also to its clients, partners or suppliers. This is very useful, for example, for agency or distribution networks ", adds Edouard Cante, Keyrus's manager of its relations with Vizubi.


Finally, it is interesting to note that NPrinting now integrates with the main business directories and the LDAP directories to provide full flexibility of use and a level of security meeting current requirements .


Performance and simplicity are the most appreciated pluses

Following a working session with the end-users enabling their specific needs, in terms of the creation and dissemination of Business Intelligence reports, to be fine-tuned, the IT teams are now capable of implementing the automated generation of reports, even complex ones, in a very short time. In this way, they can often be totally operational on the NPrinting solution in less than half a day, thanks, notably, to its intuitive visual interface, which uses the drag & drop system, and to the simplest of configurations.

The centralised and automated defining of reports thus facilitates their management and their monitoring, and strongly improves the productivity of the Business Intelligence managers as well as the consistency of indicators (multi-applications).


" The NPrinting solution effectively complements the QlikView solution by providing an excellent level of automation and control of the creation and the sharing of the business's reports ", affirms Edouard Cante. " NPrinting adds real value to the QlikView solution by increasing its possible uses and its performance, and by boosting adoption by the user communities, promoting operational effectiveness. As a matter of fact, we often note that after NPrinting is presented to our clients they almost systematically ask for it to be deployed ! ".


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