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Keyrus connects to QlikView its Quality Gates solution for managing the quality and consistency of data

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An international player in performance management and in the integration of Business Intelligence solutions, Keyrus announces that it has developed a new connector for the QlikView solution to ensure the greatest possible consistency and reliability of data for the analytical applications of the Swedish editor.


Simpler, shared Business Intelligence

The democratization of Business Intelligence solutions, which are more and more graphic and intuitive, makes it possible for any user to generate and edit personalized reports and dashboards. This tendency boosts the value of these solutions and their adoption by new users, but it must nevertheless be controlled as effectively as possible if the quality of the decisions taken within the business is to be maintained.


Quality Gates, a centralized solution for controlling and improving the Quality of Business Intelligence platforms and environments, ranks among the most innovative and effective solutions in the market by ensuring the consistency, preciseness and referential integrity of datawarehouses.


Developed by the Keyrus Group, the Quality Gates solution is compatible with most of the products of the leading editors in the Business Intelligence market. Being a worldwide strategic partner for, and key integrator of, the QlikView Business Discovery platform since 2007, Keyrus today announces the availability of a QlikView connector for its Quality Gates solution. This connector ensures the greatest consistency and reliability of data processed by the solution coming from the leader in the field of Business Intelligence driven by the user.

Whilst, up until now, Quality Gates could access only the underlying sources of relational data, the solution is now equipped to enable direct access to the business calculations and indicators contained in the QlikView presentation layer.


"Not only is it important for employees across a business to have access to easily digestible, actionable information, but the most powerful data is that which is truly reliable," comments Christof Majer, Vice-President, Global Partner Sales and Qonnect Program, Alliances, QlikTech. "We're fully behind our partners finding the best ways to help their customers make the most effective discoveries and it's great to see Quality Gates from Keyrus giving organizations quality data that they can trust to help them make the most important business decisions." 


Decisions taken with complete confidence

Because the QlikView analytical applications directly address major business issues, their reliability and consistency prove to be essential if decisions are to be taken effectively and on the basis of facts.

By using the APIs supplied by QlikTech, Keyrus has developed a connector which gives the QlikView applications access to Quality Gates.


"Quality Gates improves the reliability of final reporting by automatically checking the consistency between the QlikView dashboards and the source databases. In a more general way, Quality Gates enables action to be taken on data governance, in order to ensure the conformity, and optimization of the value of, the business's strategic data", comments Cyril Cohen-Solal, Vice-President International Innovation at Keyrus.


Actively monitor the relevance of information

Quality Gates automatically manages the reliability of the data and their consistency in the Information System. Working from a graphic console and assistants, the business manager - whether or not he is an IT professional - can define consistency rules simply. So as to simplify this task, the editor has integrated best practices (in terms of Business Intelligence quality, business repository management, normalization...) which serve as a guide for the user.


Moreover, an advanced mode enables the IT professionals to modify or adjust the generated business rules  thus satisfying the specific wishes of business users as closely as possible.

The tests built in throughout the ETL process ensure continuous supervision with possibilities for automatic correction, alerts and the choice of continuing or of interrupting the work in progress.


After Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, Teradata, Oracle Exadata, HP Vertica, Greenplum, Quality Gates now accesses QlikView analytical applications data.