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Keyrus wins first prize in the `Take Action Open Data´ Challenge organized worldwide by QlikTech

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The QlikView application developed by Keyrus and called 'Do You Realize', has been rated 'best application in the QlikTech 'Take Action Open Data Challenge' not only by the editor's jury of experts but also by the internet users.


An international player in performance management consulting and in the integration of Business Intelligence solutions, and a specialist in mastering and bringing out the value of data, Keyrus offers a wide range of innovative solutions in the fields of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics.


'Elite Solution Provider' partner of the editor QlikTech on an international level, Keyrus announces that it has won the 'Take Action Open Data Challenge' competition, which, over the period from August to October 2013, invited candidates from all backgrounds (clients, partners, developers..) to use QlikView to develop an application using public data (Open Data) on subjects such as the fight against poverty, education, health or the environment.  Assessed on the basis of technical, design and ergonomic criteria, the QlikView applications submitted had to make these public data highlight unexpected information, in order to lead the final users to reflect on these critical subjects and encourage them to take action.


"We are thrilled with the amazing applications that were submitted as part of the 'QlikView Take Action Open Data Challenge'.  Judging the numerous submissions from 19 countries was a real challenge but the application submitted by Alexandre Perrot of Keyrus quickly stood out as a best practice example of applying QlikView to provide meaningful analysis and data visualization using Open Data", declares Mike Saliter, Global Head of Market Development at QlikTech


A vitalizing demographic application

Ranked amongst the foremost experts in the QlikView solution since 2007, Keyrus chose to encourage one of its best QlikView specialists to participate in this challenge by developing an application underlining the dangerous effects of the growth in the world's population on the environment and health in developing countries.


" Combining our considerable expertise in the QlikView solution with that of a team of designers from Spikly, the Keyrus Group's digital agency, we developed, in under 3 weeks, an innovative and unique application called 'Do You Realize', which perfectly met the specifications imposed by the editor ", comments the winner of the challenge, Alexandre Perrot, Business Intelligence Expert at Keyrus. " To make the application more convivial and original, we added to it a quizz, videos and numerous links to specialized sites.  Amongst the most notable information it is shown that the Earth's population will double in less than a decade. That will accelerate the negative impact on our environment (pollution, deforestation, consumption of water resources, etc.) bringing about major climate changes which will have an impact, above all, on the standard of living and the health of developing countries. "


Exploiting all of the facets of QlikView's potential

The 'Do You Realize' application provides precise information on the extent of the impact of man's activities on the planet, which enables the users to become more easily aware of the role which each individual in each country can have to contribute to making things change. This application gives access to multiple sources of contextual and visual information which encourage the users more easily to understand the situation in order to take action. 


" We have used a large number of features and tricks in order to offer the user an innovative QlikView experience. We have also integrated a video library which perfectly complements the analytical part, and we have added 'Social Media' tools (Facebook, Twitter) so that users can interact on these sensitive social and environmental subjects and share the information. We above all wanted to offer a novel experience going beyond a mere application and to demonstrate to everybody, and to our clients in particular, the countless possibilities offered by the QlikView solution ", concludes Alexandre Perrot.