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Keyrus becomes a reseller and integrator of Dassault Systèmes' EXALEAD OneCall

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In order to reunify application silos without disturbing the whole information system, OneCall sits as an overlay to aggregate the multiple pieces of information in real time and thereby offer call-center agents intuitive access to the entirety of the information relevant to their tasks.

A longstanding partner of EXALEAD and an expert in bringing out the value in data, Keyrus is a natural choice for a reseller-integrator dealing with call-centers.


Specialized in data indexing and searching, Dassault Systèmes' EXALEAD solutions enable the development of applications aggregating a variety of internal or external sources of information.

Keyrus, a key international player in the field of consulting on, and the integration of, Business Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics solutions, and a specialist in the Digital area ((Web Performance - eCommerce), has been a partner of EXALEAD, a brand of Dassault Systèmes dedicated to the development of "intelligent information" applications, since 2008.


Improving the comfort of telephone operators and customer satisfaction.

The call center has become the key component in customer relations and, consequently, in the level of satisfaction felt by the customer. However, the telephone agents are often forced to juggle with several applications and screens to find the information they need.

EXALEAD OneCall (a vertical variation on the CloudView offering) makes it simpler and quicker to access relevant and comprehensive information coming from the various systems supporting customer relations : specific applications, CRM, ERP... but also Internet, Social Networks, etc.


" Ultimately, the agent gets the famous 360° view, enabling him to access any information about the client immediately, via an ergonomic interface with a design inspired by the most commonly used Internet sites ", underlines Stephan Samouilhan, Keyrus' Manager of the partnership.


Close ties since 2007

The technological partnership agreements with EXALEAD have led the Keyrus teams to deploy different types of projects in businesses, as much in e-Commerce as within the Search Based Applications. 

The objective consists of supplying application solutions with modern access to information, at a time when all internet users intuitively know how to handle search engines and this type of interface in order to find information.


Keyrus thus proposes to integrate the EXALEAD technologies into the information system via a non-intrusive overlay in order to break down the silos, whilst at the same time correlating information. This allows data sharing and access requirements to be met without necessarily calling into question the existing systems.

Benefitting from a reseller and integrator agreement for EXALEAD OneCall, Keyrus assists with the deployment of these high-added-value projects within the businesss, whilst at the same time aligning the solution with the requirements of their businesses.

By providing the link between the different applications so as to obtain an overall vision of the client on each workstation, EXALEAD OneCall breaks down the silos and delivers aggregated and accessible information in real time.


"For Dassault Systèmes and Keyrus, this represents the culmination of a technological partnership in place since 2007. During the intervening period Keyrus' teams have demonstrated their know-how and their ability to deliver high-quality solutions within set time limits ", asserts Frédéric Abitan, Eurowest Value Solutions Senior Sales Director at Dassault Systèmes.


With the strengthening of this partnership with Dassault Systèmes, the Keyrus group, which permanently strives to identify, and foster, new market offerings in the field of Information and Performance Management, once again demonstrates its ability to offer the most innovative solutions to complement the product and service offerings of the sector's leading editors.


Numerous projects with EXALEAD already

In the framework of a project undertaken with a mutual insurance company in Saint-Étienne, Keyrus' specialists designed, from scratch, a search-focused application (Search-Based Application) intended for the post of the telephone agent, who thereby benefits from a 360° vision and from a unique point of access to customer information. 


" We were able to improve the performance of the post of telephone agent thanks to EXALEAD OneCall and to its advanced indexing ", reports Philippe Huguet, Sales Director responsible for the Regions and for the Mid-Market in France for Keyrus. " From now on the telephone agents have information at their disposal in real time, and linked to different applications and structured or non-structured sources of information. "


Moreover, the next-generation Web interface, being intuitive and economical, is simple and quick to pick up, thus reducing training requirements to a minimum.


The partnership with Dassault Systèmes has already enabled Keyrus to launch multiple projects in France, Switzerland, China and Tunisia, all countries in which the company has an EXALEAD center of expertise.