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Keyrus' Business Intelligence expertise serving the strategic management needs of the Wines of Bourgogne

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The Bourgogne Wine Board (Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne (B.I.V.B.)) is equipping itself with a Business Intelligence information system strengthening its analytical, forecasting and business management capabilities on the globalized market for great wines.


An historic winegrowing land, Bourgogne is renowned worldwide for its prestigious appellations d’origine contrôlée (AOC) wines : it boasts no less than 100 of them – of which 33 Grands Crus, 44 AOC Villages and 23 AOC Régionales – and exports 50% of its production to 178 countries out of the 197 recognized by the UN. Bringing together all of Bourgogne's winegrowers, members of cooperatives and winemaking merchants, the Bourgogne Wine Board (Bureau Interprofessionnel des Vins de Bourgogne (B.I.V.B.)) assigned Keyrus the task of designing and implementing a Business Intelligence information system, this being an essential tool for carrying out its main mission : defining and managing the technical, economic and communication policy for the Wines of Bourgogne, on a market which is more globalized and competitive than ever.


An upgradeable Business Intelligence solution for precision management

In the framework of this mission, the B.I.V.B. collects and centralizes all the data and statistics – relating to production, prices, stocks, sales, exports, etc. – for the purposes of analyses and forecasts, on the basis of which the B.I.V.B.'s strategies are fixed and coordinated, on a global scale and for each country.


This analysis of the business and of the markets was complicated by the multitude of data sources, their heterogeneity, the absence of harmonization from one functional area to another and the inadequate quality of the data coming from operational systems. At the start of 2012, so as to rectify this situation, the B.I.V.B. asked Keyrus to design an upgradeable Business Intelligence information system, allowing the integration of varied sources of data and opening the way for cross-cutting analyses between the different markets.


Keyrus assisted the B.I.V.B. with the development of a certain number of business indicators and handled the implementation of the technical platform. Classic in its architecture, the latter is organized around a Microsoft SQL Server datawarehouse, fed by Microsoft SSIS flows, the analyses, as well as the standard reports and other reviews, being undertaken in QlikView. Keyrus' assignment also involved incorporating into the new system a five-year history of data from very varied sources and in formats which changed from one year to another.


A high-added-value project for the teams and the Wines of Bourgogne brand

" The solution designed and deployed by Keyrus has enabled us to move from a system relying on Excel and on multiple manual operations to a true Business Intelligence platform serving the inter-professional organization of the Wines of Bourgogne ", underlines Philippe Longepierre, Markets & Development Director at B.I.V.B. " Instead of spending time collecting, re-entering and compiling data and files, our analysts and statisticians can devote themselves entirely to the in-depth analysis of upstream and downstream markets, which they now have the possibility of exploring with a few clicks, by appellation, country, region, color, distribution channel or any other criterion of their choosing. We have gained in terms of productivity, quality of information and depth of analysis, which reinforces the relevance of the strategic and operational propositions that the Markets & Development Commission submits to the Permanent Committee of the B.I.V.B. "


These benefits are directly linked to the centralization of the downstream and upstream markets data in a single datawarehouse and to the simplicity with which QlikView can be picked up, allowing cross-analyses of different markets to be carried out on the fly. Another direct benefit is that the implementation of cross-cutting governance now makes it possible to monitor category-based indicators and to conduct a highly-detailed analysis of the competition and of market developments. The B.I.V.B. thus has at its disposal a real market-monitoring system which it can enhance according to its changing needs and those of the profession.


Finally, building on the specific business knowledge acquired during the first phases of the project and by supporting the achievement of the solution via the Keyrus service center, the B.I.V.B. has benefited from a service offering enabling it to secure the functional and technical knowledge of its environment with a partner capable of assisting it with all aspects of its project through the integration and maintenance of its Business Intelligence environment. " Putting the management platform in place via the Keyrus service center enables the B.I.V.B. to benefit from close-at-hand assistance, a responsiveness to upgrade requests and a capitalization of business know-how in the wine sector over the long term " 

underlines François Dilly, Keyrus Service Center Manager.