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Keyrus announces the signing of a new agreement with SAS and becomes a SAS® Visual Analytics partner

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International player in performance management consulting and in the integration of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data solutions, Keyrus announces the signing of a new co-operation agreement with SAS, the world leader in Business Intelligence and in Business Analytics solutions. As a result Keyrus becomes one of the first SAS® Visual Analytics Partners.


The main purpose of the SAS® Visual Analytics partnership is to assist the editor SAS with the deployment, in France, of the innovative data visualization solution SAS® Visual Analytics.


Through a comprehensive training and certification programme, Keyrus independently deploys the SAS® Visual Analytics solution with SASclient accounts and also with prospective clients. This high level of expertise enables Keyrus to undertake all of the different stages in the deployment of the solution, from demonstrating value, through the implementation of SAS® Visual Analytics, to assisting users.


By integrating SAS® Visual Analytics, Keyrus completes its technological offering centred around its SAS expertise, and enables its clients to have at their disposal a broadened vision of the main solutions on the data visualization market. Through its longstanding know-how of more than 15 years in the implementation of SAS solutions, its expertise and its tried-and-tested experience in the field of data visualization, Keyrus ensures the best chances of success when it comes to putting in place SAS® Visual Analytics, implementing it and bringing out the value of its uses. To this end, Keyrus already relies today on more than fifty consultants and engineers who master SAS® Visual Analytics, as well as the definition and the management of Data Visualization projects.


With this partnership, Keyrus once again demonstrates the ability of its Innovation Center to identify, test and validate the market's most innovative emerging Business Intelligence/Performance Management solutions in order to combine them with the leading editors' Business Intelligence solutions and platforms, and thereby enhance the value and the performance of its clients' Business Intelligence Information Systems.


A particular feature of the SAS® Visual Analytics solution is that it brings together numerous innovative technologies within a single environment in order to provide an overall response to several key issues for businesses in terms of data exploration, effective data analysis and mobility :


Visual exploration of data - In order to analyze, correlate and identify the phenomena that classic BI solutions are incapable of revealing with the same effectiveness.

Analytics within everyone's reach - The software possesses powerful analytical capabilities with a significant lead on the competition.

Mobility - The data visualization is accessible to users equipped with an iPad or with Android tablets, with the possibility of receiving alerts and of working together via the mobile application.

In-memory architecture - SAS' in-memory architecture offers ultra-fast performance to those who need to analyze their Big Data. The information contained in several billion lines of data is available in record time.

Deployment options - According to their needs, clients can choose between five operating environments : private or public cloud, SAShosting, server, appliance or business grid architecture.


" With the SAS® Visual Analytics solution, the editor SAS brings to the data-visualization market an original and particularly innovative solution, with data-exploration and -analysis functionalities of the highest order ", underlines Nicolas Marivin, Manager of the KeyrusBusiness Analytics Agency. " Using a modern, efficient and scalable architecture, the SAS® Visual Analytics solution brings high added value as much to users as to Information Systems. "


" It is with full confidence that SAS relies on Keyrus' skills and experts to inform our clients about, and demonstrate to them, the full power of the SAS Visual Analytics solution and to install it ", adds Patricia Auroy, Divisional Director at SAS.