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Keyrus launches `Keyrus RapidStore for hybris´, a high-performance solution tailored to provide optimal conditions for the implementation of omni-channel commerce strategies on the Chinese market.

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Keyrus, a major international consultant in, and integrator of, omni-channel commerce solutions and one of the foremost strategic partners of hybris software, an SAP company and the world's fastest growing commerce platform provider, announces that it has developed 'Keyrus RapidStore for hybris' for companies keen to enter the Chinese market. The pre-packaged and tailored solution is built on the market-leading hybris commerce platform. 'Keyrus RapidStore for hybris' is aimed at online retailers looking for ways to streamline the implementation of innovative omni-channel commerce strategies, while taking into account local regulations, cultural factors and user habits.

The experts from the Keyrus group's "e-Commerce and omni-channel commerce" skills centre used their locally-acquired knowledge to develop the 'Keyrus RapidStore for hybris' matrix with its pre-configured templates, assistants and multiple turnkey integrations designed to cater for regional and local specificities. The roll-out of the Chinese and European versions comes just ahead of another localized version which will soon become operational in Brazil.


Based on years of experience in implementing the hybris Commerce Suite around the world, Keyrus developed 'Keyrus RapidStore for hybris' to help provide clients with the optimal conditions for the swift and effective customization, integration and deployment of the solution.


"With 600 million users and already 300 million online customers, China is a key market for e-Commerce", explains Stephan Samouilhan, VP Digital Commerce at Keyrus. "Our pre-packaged solutions are designed to tailor, and hence facilitate, the deployment of e-Commerce platforms by factoring in all the specificities of a local market and optimizing time-to-market for full commerce websites, while taking into account omni-channel issues, data quality, mobility and client marketing."


A product fully adapted to the local market


With 'Keyrus RapidStore for hybris', Keyrus is leveraging the hybris B2C Commerce Accelerator for China with additional customizations to help businesses get to market quickly. The hybris B2C Commerce Accelerator for China includes adapted Chinese storefront templates, as well as key integrations to local providers such as Chinese social networks, Alipay and Baidu Maps.  


Present in China, Keyrus has deployed its solution for the e-Commerce website www.cache-cache.cn (a Beaumanoir brand). The solution took only 16 weeks to deploy before becoming fully operational.