Press Release

Absys Cyborg (of the Keyrus Group) honoured by Sage on a worldwide level

    Editor and integrator of sectorial ERP solutions and a subsidiary of the Keyrus Group, Absys Cyborg announces that it received the prize for " Best Collaboration in total revenue purchased to Sage including Licenses & Services "at the 'Sage ERP X3 Global Convention 2014' last May in Lisbon.

    This distinction rewards the Sage partner who has achieved the best worldwide commercial performance both in terms of global license sales and of the service business connected with the Sage ERP X3 solution.


    "I am happy that this trophy, awarded on a worldwide level by Sage's Mid-Market division, is going to Absys Cyborg. Our partnership relationship is particularly close and I have no doubt that the launch of the new Sage ERP X3 v7 version will enable us to gain new market share together ",comments Vincent Godard, Commercial Director & Country Operation Manager for France & French-speaking Switzerland at Sage Mid-Market Europe.



    1 'Sage ERP X3 Global Convention 2014'

    A Strategic partner of Sage for more than 25 years, Absys Cyborg today has more than 170 clients for whom it has deployed the Sage ERP X3 solution, principally in the Manufacturing, Trading and Services sectors.  

    After a reported increase in turnover of 20% in the last two financial years, the business has continued growing in the first quarter with a 10% increase in orders in an economic climate which remains subdued.

    This market performance fits in with the strategy of acquiring the companies SSIN and SBI underway since 2011, and enables Absys Cyborg to assert itself amongst the foremost Sage ERP X3 partners in France and worldwide.

    " This Award recognizes above all the strong involvement of all of Absys Cyborg's employees with our clients and crowns a solid partnership relationship ", comments Laure Arnold, Deputy CEO of Absys Cyborg. " The story has only just begun. We are pursuing our efforts and our investments around Sage ERP X3 to offer our clients innovative sectorial solutions using the latest technologies. I was impressed by the investments around the latest Sage ERP X3 v7 version presented at the 'Global Convention'. Version 7 marks a major development in the solution, in particular through an intuitive and collaborative Web interface and innovative technological possibilities regarding mobility ".

     1'Sage ERP X3 Global Convention 2014', from left to right:

    • Christophe Vanackère, Sales & Marketing Director, Sage Mid-Market Europe
    • Joe Langner, EVP, General Manager Mid-Market Solutions Sage North America
    • Laure Arnold, Deputy CEO, Absys Cyborg
    • Jean-François Bonnechère, CEO, Absys Cyborg
    • Jayne Archbold, Strategy Director, Sage Mid-Market Europe

     2SSIN and SBI, companies acquired in 2011 and 2012 by Absys Cyborg, located in the Northern and Brittany regions respectively and whose main expertise is the integration of the Sage ERP X3 solution.