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Keyrus hailed `Best Solution Provider QlikView 2013´ in France

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Keyrus wins the award for 'Best Solution Provider QlikView' for the third consecutive year in France and thereby confirms its position as a strategic partner of the editor Qlik.

An international player, leader in Business Intelligence and partner of Qlik since its beginnings on the French market, Keyrus proposes a set of Data intelligence business solutions, relying notably on the Business Discovery QlikView platform.

After having been honoured as '1st QlikTech Partner in France' for 2012, Keyrus was once again awarded the title of 'Best Solution Provider' for the year 2013 by the editor at the annual event devoted to its partners, which took place on 3 July last in Paris.

This accolade rewards the partner who posts the best commercial performance and demonstrates the greatest commitment around the editor's solutions. This award, received for the third consecutive year, thus confirms the relevance of a partnership which has already delivered more than 8 years of shared success since Qlik's arrival in France.

" Establishing, and then developing effectively, the best levels of partnership with leading and emerging editors in our market constitutes one of the pillars of our strategy, and this new award bears witness to an especially successful partnership between Keyrus and Qlik ", comments Philippe Huguet, Keyrus Businesses & Regions Director, France & Switzerland, Keyrus Group.

" We are particularly pleased to bestow this award on Keyrus for the 3rd consecutive year. This accolade reflects the quality of the commitment between our two companies, based on a win-win model, on all market segments ", adds René Bergniard, Vice-President of Qlik France.

Thanks to the partnership's growing dynamism, Keyrus today has more than 200 clients in France of all sizes and in all sectors, who are advised and assisted by a team of around fifty consultants who are experts in the QlikView platform.

On the international front as well, Keyrus has posted a very good commercial performance since 2011, when the Group was chosen to sign one of the first agreements on a worldwide level and thereby meet the needs of its clients across ten countries effectively.

More recently, Keyrus completed the acquisition of the British company BIPB which positioned itself as the foremost 'pure player' integrator of the QlikView solution in the world, thereby allowing it to strengthen its leadership and its expertise in several countries (United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, United Arab Emirates).

Beyond confirming Keyrus's expertise and that of its teams of QlikView specialists in the market, this award also recognizes Keyrus's know-how, the quality of its work in integrating and assisting with solutions and its ability, year after year, to cultivate and renew the trust of businesses using the solution.

Faced with the growing number of QlikView users, this award represents a token of encouragement for the teams at the Keyrus R&D and Innovation Center, who constantly develop new solutions around the QlikView platform in order to make it even more effective and also to meet the specific needs, and anticipate the future expectations, of clients.

Every year, Keyrus integrates 2 to 3 innovative new technological solutions stemming from this work undertaken by the Group at a worldwide level. 

Collected together within a suite of solutions called 'Keyrus Performance Suite® for Qlik', these software solutions were presented with much success last April to more than 1400 Qlik partners in Orlando (USA) during the Qonnections 2014 annual event, aimed at the editor's business ecosystem. Among this suite's flagship products are :

-       Quality Gates® for Qlik : Solution for managing the quality, consistency and reliability of the QlikView analytical application data

-       Version Manager® for Qlik : Solution for structuring QlikView developments and making them secure

" Our expertise coupled with our editing strategy enables us to offer a unique value proposition for our clients in the Qlik environments ", concludes Philippe Huguet.

For further information on the 'Keyrus Performance Suite® for Qlik' and/or to join the worldwide network of resellers of this suite of Business Intelligence performance solutions around QlikView :