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Keyrus enables Arezzo, the leader in sales of shoes in Brazil, to offer its customers the best omnichannel experience in the market

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Arezzo, leader in sales of shoes and leather goods in Brazil, has chosen Keyrus as a partner and the hybris solution to develop an innovative and effective multi-brand omni-commerce strategy and thereby gain new customers through a personalized approach.


An international player in Data Intelligence (Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics) and Digital, and a specialist in the integration of omnichannel commerce solutions, Keyrus announces that it has designed and implemented for the Arezzo company, one of the Brazilian leaders in the fashion industry, an innovative omni-commerce strategy aiming to optimize the purchasing experience of its customers. The best answer for this strategic and large-scale project was found through implementing the new 'Keyrus Rapidstore for hybris' platform, which is a version of the 'hybris Commerce Accelerator' solution created by hybris software (SAP), adapted for the Brazilian market and at the same time personalized for Arezzo.


Having existed for more than 43 years, the Brazilian group Arezzo & Co is the leader of the Brazilian market for women's shoes and leather goods, with an upmarket positioning. Under its different flagship brands, Arezzo, Schutz, Anacapri and Alexandre Birman, the group sells more than 10 million pairs of shoes in 2014 via 2657 point of sales outlets located in Brazil and the rest of the world.


Recognized for the quality and design of its products, Arezzo is also a benchmark in the field of customer relations. The development of an omni-commerce strategy has thus been at the heart of Arezzo's concerns since 2013, with its goal of becoming the first company in this industry to offer a truly new and personalized omnichannel experience to its customers in Brazil and worldwide.


In order to accelerate its growth rapidly, Arezzo chose to replace its former e-Commerce platform with the new 'Keyrus Rapidstore for hybris' omni-commerce solution. The deployment of the solution began with the complete re-design of the website of Schutz, the group's youngest and trendiest brand. Having gone live in September 2014, the new site was quickly followed by other creations based on the master framework, such as the site of the Anacapri brand in March 2015, which will be followed by the go-live of the site of its parent company's brand Arezzo, scheduled for during the Summer of 2015. Besides, the Schutz Now mobile application with intuitive and innovative user experience went live in May 2015.


Thanks to its new websites conceived in responsive design to optimize their consultation on all types of media, in particular mobile devices which absorb more than 25% of sales, the Arezzo group now offers its customers a 20% improvement in navigation and search performance, giving them a more pleasant purchasing experience, which translates into a significant increase in sales. The linking-up of the websites with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, and with the brands' blog, allows customers to receive personalized product information via channels which they use and which correspond to them. Moreover, certain physical stores will now be equipped with e-Commerce sales tablets in order to offer customers a wider range of products and thereby provide an effective complement to Arezzo's O2O omni-commerce strategy.


" As leader of the shoe industry in Brazil through our numerous brands, our objective is to make our mark quickly on the digital distribution channels in order to satisfy and retain our customers and thereby ensure our growth ", comments Mauricio Bastos, e-Commerce manager at Arezzo. " 'Keyrus Rapidstore for hybris' is a platform which quickly proved its effectiveness to us and which today shows itself to be capable of meeting our challenges, with its unified multi-brand management structure. "


" Our 'Keyrus Rapidstore for hybris' omni-commerce platform has more than proved its worth on another emerging market, China, and we have chosen to adapt it to correspond as closely as possible to the requirements and constraints of the Brazilian market, notably in relation to payment and anti-fraud systems " comments Stephan Samouilhan, Vice-President - Digital Commerce at Keyrus. " Thanks to the strategic and technical expertise of our experienced teams in the deployment of the hybris solution, we have developed and implemented a tailor-made platform to meet Arezzo's digital challenges effectively. Our 'Keyrus Rapidstore for hybris' customized solution is now ready to conquer new markets, be they in Brazil or anywhere else in the world. "  


Keyrus is today hybris's number 1 partner in Brazil and has a skills center dedicated to the platform in the city of Sao Paulo. "Multi Regional Gold Partner", Keyrus is a top rank strategic partner of hybris at international level and has the best value proposition to assist its clients in defining and implementing sales solutions that are perfectly adapted to the specifics of their business sector.

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