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Keyrus extends its agreement with Alteryx, leader of Advanced Analytics and Data Blending solutions, to cover the entire Group

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An international player in Data Intelligence and Digital and a Consultant in the Management and Transformation of enterprises, Keyrus constantly strives to identify solutions addressing new uses of Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data.


It is in this spirit of innovation, and with its recognized expertise in the market's main data analysis solutions, that Keyrus has chosen to go international with its alliance with Alteryx, a leader of Data Blending and advanced analytic software solutions designed to simplify and optimize the processing of advanced analyses of an enterprise's data.


By acquiring, in 2014, the company BIPB, a player in Big Data and Analytics consulting, Keyrus not only enhanced its expertise in analytical and next-generation Data Visualization solutions such as Qlik® or Tableau, but also incorporated one of the foremost strategic partners through Alteryx. BIPB has been part of the Alteryx Partner Program since 2013, is certified by it at the highest level and has been honoured with awards on several occasions during conferences given by the company. BIPB thus possesses solid experience in implementing Alteryx solutions, particularly in the financial sector, having successfully completed several projects for major banks in London and New York.


Alteryx is a software solution for optimizing analytical processing. It enables optimized data sets to be generated and then analyzed and presented via, for example, leading solutions such as Tableau Software, Qlik, Cloudera... thereby offering enterprises a comprehensive solution for their Smart BI projects. 


The Keyrus Group is an Elite Partner of Qlik and an international partner of Tableau Software. Given this, and with a view to offering Alteryx solutions to as many of its clients as possible, it therefore seemed logical that Keyrus should want to build on the know-how of its British subsidiary BIPB by extending this successful relationship to more than 10 countries (France, Belux, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, China, Canada, USA, UK, Tunisia, Israel...).


"This international agreement with Alteryx opens up new horizons for our clients worldwide by supplementing our BI Analytics offering with an Advanced Analytics solution in self-service mode which is simple and focused on the user ", comments Hervé Uzan, Executive Vice President, France & Southern Europe at Keyrus. " The Alteryx solution particularly stands out in the market in that it links data analysis to the enterprise's business, enabling it to make relevant use of knowledge of its market, customers and, more generally, its whole ecosystem. "


" Alteryx is focused on empowering the self-service data analyst through easy-to-use analytics", declares Seann Gardiner, Vice President of Business Development at Alteryx. "Working with Keyrus, allows these data analysts the advantage of vast expertise in the analytics market to apply the right tools from start to finish in order to quickly gain business insight."


By integrating Alteryx into its portfolio of data collection and analysis solutions, Keyrus supplements its technological offering to help its clients valorize all their data reserves. At the same time, it thereby provides a response to the growing demand on the part of those clients' business functions for ever faster and more flexible analysis solutions.


Already used by more than 700 clients worldwide, the Alteryx solution enables a Business Data Analyst to construct intuitive, data blending workflows quickly and without the need for any programming, and to then analyze them.


Alteryx offers more than 60 integrated tools for geospatial analysis and statistical analysis (predictive, scoring, segmentation....) based on the R language. The solution also offers processing capabilities (i.e. "in Database" and "in Hadoop") for Big Data projects, as well as a set of novel, advanced analysis functionalities which are not generally addressed by other solutions.


Alteryx also provides a broad spectrum of possibilities for accessing data without any programming (files, relational databases, SAS or SPSS files, appliances, Web data, Open Data, SaaS...), with the possibility of merging them with each other in just a few minutes, a feat unique in the market.


Julien Boulenger, Smart BI practice Manager at Keyrus, comments : " Alteryx meets the business user's need for quick and fully autonomous analysis. It's a simple and agile solution which allows end users to cross-reference, prepare and analyze their data quickly themselves. "