Press Release

Sony UK Tech Centre

    Sony UK Technology Centre, based in Pencoed Wales, is a division of Sony Europe Ltd, primarily focusing on production and customer service for Sony in the UK. A large part of their business is centered around producing high-end cameras used in the TV and film productions that we see on our TV’s on a daily basis. On top of this, they offer their space to other companies, whether start-ups or established companies such as Raspberry Pi, the producers of the increasingly popular credit card sized computers. Since it is a production environment with a large number of divisions, a huge amount of data is produced on a daily basis, whether from the machines used to piece the products together, or the employees that oversee rigorous testing to only release the best possible finished product. This data is then used to measure key metrics that are vital for the smooth running and reputation of the company, something that they pride themselves on.

    Before Keyrus’ relationship began with Sony UK Technology Centre, all of their data was being processed and reported manually, primarily through the use of Microsoft Excel to calculate metrics, with any final results presented in Microsoft PowerPoint. Our aim was to eliminate as much of this as possible and produce an application in QlikView that could be used for self-service analytics and reporting, reducing the number of hours put into producing the reports and creating a centralized point of analysis for gaining insight from the data.

    The fact that the data was collated from different areas and presented in a dynamic fashion meant that key insight could be drawn from factors that may have caused issues with production, whether it be a reduction in the output due to machine maintenance, or a lower first time yield as a result of some human error. This is something that previously would have required a number of manual processes, but with QlikView’s associative data engine, trends and the elements that cause these trends can now be easily identified, drilled into and linked together to provide much needed answers for weekly metric fluctuations. Ultimately, by allowing Keyrus to implement a solid analytics platform to grow from, employees are now able to maximize their time spent resolving the problems as opposed to finding them, as well as stakeholders being able to greatly reduce costs and drive the business forward through better data driven decisions.