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Keyrus partners with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre’s Apply Magic Sauce API

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In keeping with our continuous innovation and research in the analytics field, Keyrus, an international player in Data Intelligence, Digital Experience and Management and Transformation, is pleased to announce a Group agreement to work with the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and integrate its Apply Magic Sauce API.


Marc Stukkens, Executive VP Northern Europe at Keyrus, comments, Keyrus maintains close links with the academic world. These structural relationships are an integral part of our innovation strategy. In the field of data sciences, after having sponsored the “Data Scientist” chair created by the Ecole polytechnique of Paris, Keyrus is very proud to announce its international collaboration with the Psychometrics Centre of the University of Cambridge, pioneers in this specific area. This research will prove effective in enriching the insights we provide to our clients .’’

This API is a uniquely powerful trait prediction engine, giving access to accurate and ethical prognoses of psycho-demographic variables at the level of the individual. Thanks to the integration of this API, Keyrus can create value for its clients by helping to reveal to them the desires, personalities and motivations driving the diverse range of behaviour in their unstructured organisational data.  In this way, Keyrus will make its clients’ Big Data more actionable, helping them to develop a more sophisticated and personal understanding of their clients.  Keyrus can then work with its clients to turn this unlocked insight into value by developing and delivering products and services that leverage this new-found customer insight.

Santiago Castro, Head of Strategy and Product and Service Portfolio for Keyrus UK says, “I am delighted about the opportunities that this cutting-edge solution provides us. Organisations will now be able to develop natural language processing, socio-linguistic analysis and predictive machine-learning models to transform digital footprints into personality and behavioural analysis. The potential use cases for this solution are endless. Constantly adding the highest level of innovation and sophistication, we are now positioned at the forefront of Big Data and Analytics solutions. I truly believe that this Prediction API is the definitive Game Changer.”

Apply Magic Sauce API was developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre, a world-leading academic research institute specialising in Big Data analytics, psychological assessment and online behaviour.

Vesselin Popov, Business Development Director for the Psychometrics Centre says “This partnership represents a bold, collaborative and timely step into the future of business analytics. Big Data will only continue getting bigger and the demand for smarter tools to interpret and implement its potential needs to be met. We are delighted that Apply Magic Sauce API can contribute psychologically-sensitive machine intelligence to the challenges already being tackled by Keyrus and its clients.”

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