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The Ricard company digitalizes its Quality control with Keyrus

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An international player in Data Intelligence, Digital, and Consulting on the management and transformation of enterprises, Keyrus announces the implementation, for the Ricard company, of a Quality control solution on touchscreen tablets that accelerates the process by digitalizing it from end to end.

A strategic project for Ricard's Quality policy

To support the Ricard company's Quality strategy, the Lormont production site (in the Gironde) chose to develop with Keyrus a control process that is entirely digitalized, from the data acquisition stage, through the stages of consolidation and validation signed off by the various managers, to the preparation of reports.

The Lormont production site, which handles up to 15 000 bottles per hour and per production line, is special in that exports are a significant part of its activity, and this makes the bottling process more complex in terms of the containers, labelling and shipping. Each stage of the process must therefore be precisely controlled, and more than 61 criteria are monitored by the Quality operatives.

Alexandre Defrance, Director of the Lormont production site, wanted to put in place a very simple system using touchscreen tablets to speed up information feedback and react more swiftly to detected incidents. Thanks to the solution implemented with Keyrus, the Ricard company is simplifying the process, shortening time periods, and enabling operatives to concentrate on analyzing data and optimizing operational efficiency.

An agile methodology to deliver the solution in 3 months

In order to choose the best service provider, the Ricard company undertook a rigourous selection process, consulting several Digital Services Enterprises and digital agencies. Keyrus won the project thanks to its digital expertise, its design method based on a "design thinking" approach, and its comprehensive offering including the choice of the material, the development of the mobile application, and the Web back-office that consolidates the data feedback.

Keyrus's expertise in the field of mobile and digital made it possible to undertake this project in 3 months. During its implementation users were involved very early on in the workshops, so that they could give their feedback on the first mock-ups. The capabilities of the tablet were exploited to the full, notably with very simple touch input, the use of the camera to scan the barcodes on the glass palets, and the generation of daily production reports. After comparing it with other tablets on the market, the material chosen was Apple's iPad Air 2. The connection is achieved through secured Wi-Fi.

For Alexandre Defrance, Director of Ricard's Lormont site: "The tablets project is a major turning-point for the production teams, with the arrival of digital in the bottling hall. We retain control over our quality process, whilst also making it more instantaneous, responsive, and reliable, and all in paperless mode. The inclusive and innovative nature of the concept spurs the employees towards operational excellence."

For Jean-Philippe Clair, Digital Experience Practice Manager at Keyrus : "We are proud to have been selected by the Ricard company for this strategic project. The expertise of our teams in mobile development and their advice on production process digitalization made it possible to implement, within a short timeframe, an efficient and simple mobile and Web set-up that fully satisfies the Ricard company's operational needs."

The next stage will be the deployment of this solution at the other production sites.

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