Press Release

Keyrus helps Somfy valorize its customer data

    At the start of 2016, Somfy France entrusted Keyrus with an assignment to analyze its B2C data and explore their potential in terms of gaining customer insight and optimizing the experience offered to consumers.

    Keyrus is helping Somfy maximize and valorize its B2C customer insight.

    Somfy, the world leader in automatic devices and control solutions for the smart home, recently diversified its B2C approach and developed a mass market range. The change in its sales model, which had previously been based solely on indirect selling, involved a complete overhaul of the way in which Somfy approached its customers. To assist it with managing this change and help it refine its customer insight, Somfy relied on the Datamining skills of Keyrus, so as to give itself a better understanding of its customers' journeys, but also to anticipate their needs and ensure that they were met.

    An instructive, formative, and effective methodology

    The audit phase mainly covered the data present in the CRM, as well as information supplied by consumers in the online forms, and by Customer Service, from their telephone conversations with customers. "In this sphere, the three-part approach proposed by Keyrus enabled us, on the one hand, to understand that there is no magic to Datamining and, on the other hand, to take stock of what we had to implement in order to glean extensive insight into our consumers from our data and valorize that insight", explains Xavier Raynal, Web Projects Coordinator at Somfy France.

    Within the framework of the descriptive analysis, which was the first part of the assignment, Keyrus carried out a data quality assessment. The main purpose of this work was to draw up an initial segmentation of Somfy France's B2C customers and identify typical consumer profiles. "We learned a great deal about the real state of our databases and the methods that would enable us to strengthen our data acquisition processes and make them more reliable", considers Xavier Raynal.

    Somfy then laid the foundations for a data harmonization project. It began reworking its online forms, streamlining them, and introducing into both the forms and the tools used by the Customer Service teams mechanisms for controlling how data was entered, so as to produce contact data that was comprehensive and standardized.

    Keyrus then focused on predictive analysis, with the principal goal being to identify new levers for boosting direct sales, by studying consumers' purchasing habits and profiles.

    "Despite a reduction in the sample size and difficulties in reconciling the data, we highlighted promising trends for Somfy" explains Sylvain Coppéré, Region Practice Manager, Big Data & Analytics, at Keyrus. "For example, knowing that a very high percentage of customers who have such and such a product for the automatic control of openings in the home also have a Somfy box – whereas the reverse is not the case – shapes marketing action plans that can quickly be implemented."

    Strong support so as to provide reassurance internally

    To lend consistency to the project, Keyrus developed a technical and operational recommendation plan. This work, which involved several of the Group's departments (IT, Marketing, Digital, Customer Service, and Management), formed the subject matter of a report presented to a gathering of all individuals at Somfy France concerned with Data issues.

    "Beyond enabling us to learn things about our consumers and identify business levers, the work undertaken with Keyrus highlighted the aspects on which we needed to work if we wished to achieve a lasting improvement in our customer insight and extract the full value from it", indicates Xavier Raynal. "Thanks to the very instructive and participative methods used by Keyrus throughout the assignment, each individual knows how the data analysis projects concern them in their business function. That enables us to tackle the next stages with greater maturity."