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Keyrus Digital helps Home Shopping Service create the new M6 Boutique website

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Home Shopping Service has given the Keyrus Group's digital Agency the task of helping with the overhaul of its m6boutique.com website, intended to attract a new target group of more connected customers, whilst at the same time gaining the loyalty of its existing client base.

Keyrus announces that it has been assisting Home Shopping Service, part of the distance-selling business of the M6 Group, with the overhaul of its m6boutique.com site.

Offering a new online purchasing experience

M6 Boutique is one of the main players in multichannel distribution in France, through its unique model (television, digital, catalog, and physical stores). Today, television is no longer the sole point of contact with customers. Customers' behavior is changing: the proportion of web-based purchases is increasing by 10 points every year, and its customers are consulting their smartphones and tablets more and more when they watch the program. To support these changing practices and accelerate its sales growth, the company decided to overhaul its e-commerce site.

"We wanted to offer our customers a purchasing experience to rival the personalized relationship they have been enjoying through our contact center for years now", comments Isabelle Fournier, Deputy Managing Director of Home Shopping Service. "The aim was also to win over a new target group of more connected customers, with an inspiring and more content-rich site".

Home Shopping Service therefore made a call for tenders in order to select the partner who would assist it with this project, and it had discussions with some ten companies that were very diverse in nature, as much in terms of their size as their positioning. Keyrus won the contract by mobilizing its expertise in Endeca, the e-commerce tool used by the site, but also by getting heavily involved in the creative aspects, with an appealing graphics proposal incorporating the Group's new brand image. The Keyrus teams also met the requirements of the IS Department, which wanted to retain control over the project and work in a collaborative manner with the other Departments.

The methodology proposed by Keyrus incorporated a preliminary phase applying Design Thinking methodology to study customer behavior. Once the personas had been defined so as to place the customer at the center of the strategic thought process, new customer journeys were suggested and tested on redesigned mock-ups incorporating a modern graphics palette.

Specific commercial features to be integrated into the purchasing journey

Alongside this graphics overhaul phase, the Keyrus experts got to grips with taking on board the management rules. The cross-selling and up-selling aspects, whilst being highly effective in the call center, proved complicated to incorporate as part of an e-commerce site. Keyrus made several proposals for inserting these concepts into the site's ergonomics directly within the product information sheets. The project also planned to integrate personalized navigation, depending on whether or not the customer was a member of the "Loyalty Club".

The team in charge of the project also chose to completely revisit the catalog's structure to enhance SEO. "Keyrus was the only service provider to bring this SEO-focused approach to the project, notably by providing for a switch-over plan so as to avoid starting from scratch when the new site was launched", explains Olivier Savaëte, Director of Digital Sales at Home Shopping Service. "Their action plan also included ensuring that we would come up in long-tail-type searches, which represents a significant additional gain in terms of traffic".

A more interactive and content-rich e-commerce site

The functionalities and ergonomics of the new site break with online selling conventions. The showcasing of the product offering now makes it possible to display a list of products that is personalized according to the customer's wishes. "Keyrus proposed ergonomics to us that were original and far removed from the classic pattern of product searching by category. With our "wish engine", we ask the visitor about their desires and suggest to them offers that they would perhaps not have thought of in a classic search mode", specifies Olivier Savaëte.

The site also includes much more content incorporated into the product tree, so as to offer an experience closer in nature to that of a webzine and optimize the site's natural referencing. The visitor is provided with both information and entertainment, and so they spend more time navigating on the site. Another important feature of the project is that the site has been created entirely in responsive design, so as to offer a homogenous experience throughout the navigation and purchasing journey, regardless of the terminal used.

Dual skills – creative and technical – in support of an Agile method

For this large-scale project, Keyrus mobilized teams possessing complementary expertise in technical and creative aspects. "The working relationship has been much simpler than it would have been, had we used two companies, a web agency and a technical integrator. Moreover, Keyrus fully mastered and applied the Agile project management methodology, which made it possible to optimize the entire organization, both in terms of time frames and resources", adds Olivier de Montalembert, IS Director of Home Shopping Service.

"This ambitious project was an opportunity for Keyrus to demonstrate the complementary nature of our know-how and ability to innovate, effective as much from a technical perspective as a creative one", comments Yannick Gonnet, Digital Consulting Director at Keyrus. "This new M6 Boutique site follows the multichannel strategy promoted by the M6 Group and fulfills all its promises, namely to offer a modern user experience and make it possible both to gain the loyalty of its existing clientele, and conquer a new target group of more connected customers".