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Banque Casino is transforming customer experience with an integrated chatbot by Keyrus

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Keyrus is working with Banque Casino to build and implement a chatbot that can conduct natural, fluid conversations to cover some of the bank’s customer service interactions and handle loan requests.

Banque Casino is a retail bank jointly owned by Crédit Mutuel-CIC and Groupe Casino. It markets a range of financial products and financing solutions for online retailers. As a 100% digital bank constantly seeking innovation, Banque Casino wanted to transform its customer service experience using an interactive agent accessible in Facebook Messenger.


A chatbot for an optimized, customized, richer experience

At the end of 2017, Banque Casino decided to move its customer service advisors away from basic questions so that they could focus on higher value-added interactions. To meet this objective, Banque Casino decided to introduce a chatbot. "This technology was not very well known, but we felt that it was ready to go beyond simply answering FAQs," explained Tony Chavatte, Head of Customer Experience at Banque Casino.

In this project, Banque Casino wanted to use a chatbot to provide a richer, optimized, more personalized customer experience through positive, often funny interactions. The system will be used to process basic questions as well as more complex ones like loan requests, all while giving customers the option to speak to an advisor at any time.


Botfuel and Keyrus, a winning team with solutions and expertise

To get support for its project, Banque Casino reached out to Keyrus for its digital customer service expertise and its capacity for developing innovative projects.

It selected a chatbot solution by start-up Botfuel, Keyrus's partner specialized in chatbots and conversational intelligence.

Botfuel is a development platform for chatbots used by developers and companies. The start-up has been working on Artificial Intelligence and language automation technologies since 2016 to provide companies with second generation chatbots. These chatbots are capable of conducting elaborate conversations and implementing advanced conversational services, as well as automatically handing the conversation over to a customer service advisor when the questions get too complex.


Agile methodology to complete the project in 8 weeks

Banque Casino wanted to develop this project within a short timeframe : the chatbot needed to be selected, configured, and implemented within 8 weeks. Through Conversational Design Thinking combined with Agile methodology, Keyrus's and Botfuel's teams were able to meet the deadlines. The project team workshopped to define which customer interactions the chatbot would handle and to incorporate the financing request processes that activate the loan simulator. 


5% of customer interactions and 12% additional product conversions

The initial results measured after three months of use were highly encouraging: Banque Casino's chatbot was already handling 5% of customer interactions and generated 12% additional product conversions. Surveys also showed that the majority of customers were also satisfied with the chatbot. The customer service advisors appreciate not having to deal with low value-added questions and get more time to provide expert customer support.

"Keyrus and Botfuel's teams' commitment and investment in this project really made the difference," added Tony Chavatte. "The next step will be using the chatbot for other processes and products, to increase the number of conversations. In the coming months, we hope to handle 30% of customer interactions using our chatbot."

"We are proud that Banque Casino chose us to carry this innovative project through to completion. It has been an opportunity for our teams to demonstrate their expertise, both in terms of the technology and in terms of strategic thinking for customer experience strategy," stated Yannick Gonnet, Operations Manager for the Keyrus Group's Digital Agency.

"Banque Casino fully understands all the issues that come with introducing a chatbot and gave us an opportunity to demonstrate our technological advances. The result meets customers' expectations and leaves the door open for interesting future developments," added Javier Gonzalez, Co-Founder of Botfuel.