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Through its start-up accelerator, KIF (Keyrus Innovation Factory), Keyrus is boosting the capital base of the LumenAI start-up, a specialist in Machine Learning, so as to be able to distribute and co-develop forms of Artificial Intelligence.

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Keyrus, an international specialist in Data Intelligence, Digital, and Consulting on the Management and Transformation of enterprises, announces that it has provided seed funding to LumenAI, a start-up specializing in Machine Learning.

LumenAI's aim is to narrow the gap between academic research and industry by using Machine Learning. Founded by Sébastien Loustau, this start-up is made up of experts whose training backgrounds in mathematics and IT complement each other.
LumenAI offers unique, real-time Machine Learning solutions that stem from the latest results of research into Online learning. Its experts design generic algorithms to solve complex problems and distribute technological bricks in various niche markets. The real-time nature of LumenAI's algorithms makes it possible to integrate predictive analysis solutions directly at the data source, without the problem of connecting to an existing Information System, and without the need to store raw data.
The start-up aims to work as much with major groups - for specific studies or Proofs Of Concept – as with other start-ups, and intermediate-sized enterprises. The priority target sectors are industry, banking, utilities, and healthcare in France, and later throughout Europe.

After having won a tender put out by the French Direction Générale de l’Armement (the French General Directorate for Armament) for a project to research civil and military applications over 3 years, LumenAI needed to increase its capital base in order to step up its investments and bolster its resources. "When we were seeking financing, we had the good fortune of being put in contact with Eric Cohen, the President & CEO of the Keyrus Group. Straight away we got along very well", points out Sébastien Loustau, Founder of LumenAI. He continues: "Keyrus corresponded to the ideal partner we were looking for, since it offered us the horsepower of a major, agile Group, together with a clear and appropriate narrative and genuine partnership approach. We had struggled to find such plus points in our discussions with other major players in the Data market".
This raising of funds will enable LumenAI to speed up its recruitment, pursue its R&D program, and develop 3 priority verticals in the areas of predictive maintenance for industry, predictive marketing, and security for the public sector. The vertical devoted to predictive marketing will actually be co-developed with experts from Keyrus.

"Keyrus complements LumenAI perfectly in terms of reassuring our clients and helping us build an ambitious collective innovation project. Thanks to this alliance, we will become a key player in the design of Machine Learning solutions. We see Keyrus as the ideal partner for stepping up the distribution of our solutions, notably in digital commerce."

"This investment will enable Keyrus to ramp up its activity on the high-growth market in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Such know-how is now an essential ingredient in any of our clients' projects involving data processing and optimization. We are therefore delighted about this relationship, which is already generating many synergies and much impetus in terms of R&D and business for our respective companies", comments Eric Cohen, Founder, President & CEO of the Keyrus Group.