Project Support

Enterprises are currently experiencing an era of major transformation to adapt themselves to changes in their environment : strategic repositioning, the extension of territory, the drive for competitiveness, the integration of digital…

As a result, an increasing number of strategic or operational projects are being pursued at the same time and mobilizing substantial resources and means.

As these projects form part of an overall vision supported by the management, they will only succeed if their associated transformation issues and impact are taken into account :

  • The vision developed by management needs to be shared and appropriated by creating a common thread conveying the sense of the transformation
  • The chain of management and different stakeholders have to be involved to carry the transformation forward right from the upstream stage of the project
  • There has to be a form of governance ensuring, over time, the right balance between ambitions, means allocated and the speed of deployment of the project
  • For projects incorporating an IS dimension, agile approaches need to be introduced supplementing the traditional V-model methods


  • Development of Organizations

    Experience shows that to guarantee the success of a transformation project or improve the operational performance of an entity, action needs to be taken in a coordinated manner with regard to the organization and its processes, skills and tools, objectives and the steering of activity.

    • Undertake an organizational diagnosis and analyze the operational impact of projects
    • Prepare the blueprint for the organization
    • Construct the detailed organizational target and have it validated by all stakeholders
    • Assist with deployment

  • Change Management

    A transformation project brings with it changes to the organization, processes, tools and culture. It becomes a success when everyone in the enterprise understands, and adheres to, the individual and collective changes underlying the project. They must also be able to complete their daily work effectively in the transformed environment.

    • Change management must embed the change into practices and forms of behavior by proposing innovative approaches to take into account employees' new expectations.
    • Fix an approach strategy which takes on board all targets of change : impact study, identification of sponsors, specific communication and training plans…
    • Diversify the portfolio of tools for mobilizing employees, by using digital approaches : video, digital training, virtual classes...
    • Provide support over time in order to entrench good practices : communities of experts on internal social networks, managed and regular measurement of appropriation...

  • Project Ownership Assistance

    Transformation projects / programs are increasingly complex and cross-cutting. To see them through and meet their challenges in terms of quality, time frames and costs, there must be project ownership assistance anchored by thorough knowledge of the business functions leading the projects.

    • Structure project arrangements : organization, steering bodies, schedule…
    • Set the perimeter and prepare the statement of needs and general and detailed specifications
    • Assist with testing and acceptance phases
    • Manage change
    • Assist with project / program management: monitoring of schedules, milestones, resources and deliverables, management of risks, actions and decisions
    • Organize, lead and follow the project / program steering committees

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  • Electricity transmission group

    Define the functional requirements for HR reporting (headcount, sick leave, compensation, internal mobility, training plan adherence, recruitment, ...) and define and deploy the change management strategy.

  • Major French municipality

    Support the transformation of the Prevention & Protection Department (1500 people): conduct a very large impact study to assess the feasibility of an increased territorialization of the department, moderate seminars with groups from 10 to 200 people, regular communication with main stakeholders.