Social welfare enables in many countries private individuals  or households to deal with the financial consequences of social risks, that is to say, situations potentially resulting in lower incomes or higher outgoings : illness, old age, invalidity, unemployment, family responsibilities...

Social welfare is a fundamental right in various societies which remain dear to the great majority of citizens. The numerous entities which make up this sector are at the heart of an important process of transformation, made necessary by recurrent difficulties in financing the various social programs. All players are having to shake up their operating models to meet the challenges of increased competition, compliance with ever more complex regulatory developments, and high expectations, on the part of subscribers / beneficiaries / patients, that innovative services be made available to them.

Keyrus meets these challenges in conjunction with its subsidiary Kadris, a consultancy firm specializing in Social Welfare.

Provide expertise in social welfare business lines

  • Integration of the operational impact of regulatory developments : the Interprofessional National Agreement, "responsible" insurance contracts, Solvency II, single wind-up of pensions, the Nominative Social Declaration, mainstreamed direct payment by the insurer, financial aid to help pay for top-up health insurance…

  • Optimization of the management back-office & management of organizations
  • Fight against health and welfare benefits fraud
  • Development of offerings and customer service platforms

Optimize the performance of information systems

  • Expertise in "core business" and peripheral information systems for compulsory or complementary insurance schemes
  • Expertise in the market's software solutions, e.g. : ACTIV INFINITE, ACTIV PREMIUM…

Assist with the digital transformation

  • Development of sales-aid tools so as to facilitate the launch of new offerings onto the market
  • Development of the front-office for quicker access to the market
  • Implementation of Big Data / Analytics solutions by using the sector's relevant data


  • Eovi Mutuelle

    Opportunity Study for an MDM - SBA initiative. Validation of an MDM architecture, launch of a project to expose reference data. (Perimeter & Concepts: legal entities and private individuals (subscribers / Enterprises), Call Center / Search Based Application).

  • Healthcare and provident mutual fund

    Business consulting in the framework of the definition and formalization of use cases Identification / categorization of use cases linked to the business processes existing, formalization of a Big Data trajectory making it possible to identify the first use case - to be undertaken in the framework of a PoC, analysis of operational implications of the broad options identified at the business, organizational and economic level, operational support in the context of the establishment of a first PoC associated with the selected use case.

  • International life assurance group

    Detection of Health and Welfare benefits fraud. Assignment to combat health and welfare benefits fraud, mapping of risks of fraud existing within the organization, identification of risks and anti-fraud checks (supplementary proposals based on the Kadris monitoring catalog), predictive analysis tooling initiative. Initialization of the model - pilot phase.