The Telecommunications sector is undergoing profound change under the combined effects of exacerbated competition, the advent of the Digital age – convergence betweeen telecom and Internet -, and the continual emergence of technological innovations and new regulations 

Faced with all these phenomena, operators are finding it increasingly difficult to improve their revenues

On the one hand, they are struggling to launch new services and products quickly to respond to the competition, and above all to address changes in the behavior of customers, who are more and more demanding and volatile. On the other hand, they must anticipate the configuration and scaling of their infrastructures, whilst managing associated risks and costs effectively.

In this context, supporting new uses represents one of the major challenges for telecoms operators to face in order to win new customers and strengthen their loyalty, stimulate growth and improve profitability. It consists in giving priority to use when devising service offerings by placing the customer and his behavior at the center of the offering – Use Marketing. It therefore involves rethinking the customer support circuit – Web, IVR, hotlines – and, more generally, assigning a central role to supporting uses in the framework of offerings proposed in partnership with suppliers of content, mobile terminals, software…

It extensive expertise and specialized experience in the Telecommunications sector on an international scale. This enables it to help operators to adapt to the realities and new practices of the digital ecosystem in order to become more effective at selling, Marketing and customer service

An expert in Data Intelligence and Digital CRM, Keyrus helps you to analyze, understand and address customers in order to better satisfy them, and thus gain their loyalty more effectively.

Process and valorize data

  • Business repository of key performance indicators in relation to communication
  • Data Intelligence solutions for the Telecommunications sector
  • Management of mobile data
  • Big Data approach and predictive analytics applied to the Telecommunications sector
  • Quality testing and Assurance

Ensure the digital transformation

  • Advice on Digital Strategies – brand platform, Web strategy…
  • Social media strategy for Telecommunications
  • Management of digital content - analysis of data, user experience, digital monetization..
  • Identification and adoption of new digital monetization models

Implement Customer Marketing & Use Marketing

  • Acquisition, development and retention of the clientele
  • Acceleration of the development of profitable products and services
  • Construction of use-support media specifically for the Web
  • Implementation of e-Marketing levers: Webanalytics - Omniture, Xiti, Unica…-, e-Reputation, Community Management…
  • Analysis of behavior and practices by clientele segment
  • Consolidation of operator CRMs to focus on the combined expectations of customers as effectively as possible
  • Implementation of relational programs: CRM, omnichannel Marketing…


  • Telecoms operator

    Creation of a Customer Center Incubator of Talent in order to improve the handling of customer dissatisfaction by customer service representatives, training actions on verbal and written customer relations within the customer service centers of SFR and SFR Business Team.

  • Telenet

    Support decision-making of marketing tactics. Historical and predictive analyses of customer behavior aiming at increasing the ROI and diminishing after-sales servicing costs.

  • Téléfonica

    Development of a solution for supplier remittance processing via a web interface to provide Brazil's Telefônica Negócios sales department with a full view of customer accounts to help make good decisions in sales processes.