User Experience

User Experience combined with Customer Intelligence represent both the development and the merging of customer insight, interaction, personalization and performance.

The objective is to develop 360-degree customer insight, by facilitating the aggregation and visualization of structured and non-structured data. In this way, the client obtains a holistic vision of consumers (private individuals, professionals and enterprises), made possible by the science of massive data (Big Data).

Today the main challenges for the Customer Centric enterprise are numerous, and they require precise actions.

  • Refine and enrich customer insight in order to increase their loyalty and engagement
  • Implement new Digital CRM solutions to optimize the acquisition, valorization (Customer Life Time Value) and retention of customers
  • On the basis of behavioral analyses, devise the ergonomics and journeys (Wireframes) of internet users on all digital media
  • Collect and analyze data from the Web and social networks under a Social Media Intelligence initiative to control brand exposure (e-Reputation) 

A specialist in Digital and CRM since its beginnings, Keyrus offers to assist you in gaining deep insight into your customers. They are thus categorized and identified by behavioral analysis - segmentation, transaction history, web analyses… - and by attitudinal insight – resulting from the semantic analysis of conversations on the Web and social networks.


  • Enhanced Customer Insight

    Enhanced Customer Insight is structured around the cross-referenced analysis of transactional – behavioral data : purchasing history – and of non-transactional data – customer transcripts, sentiment analysis… - to acquire a refined and comprehensive insight into your customers – 360-degree insight.

    • Collect and process behavioral data for the purposes of predictive analysis
    • Collect, process and analyze in a semantic manner (textual data, text mining)
    • Cross-reference and enrich the data overall (enhanced CRM)

  • Definition of User Experiences

    In concrete terms, defining User Experiences involves formulating ergonomic user journeys, established on the basis of analyses of environmental and behavioral data.

    • Represent the user interfaces in the form of Metro Maps
    • Production of mock-ups (wireframes).
    • Creation of interactive functional prototypes.
  • Social media intelligence

    Social Media Intelligence can be defined as the collecting, processing, categorization, clusterization and semantic analysis of all data present on the Web and social networks. Its objective is to enhance the digital quality and engagement of a brand.

    • Manage the digital reputation of an enterprise
    • Identify ambassadors and critics
    • Detect weak signals : obstacles, complaints, customer remarks
    • Formulate the response strategies and scenario
  • Lead Generation

    Extended customer and prospect insight enables new marketing and commercial approaches to be developed via the social networks. These new methods are very effective at developing BtoB animation and commercial results. Thanks to Keyrus's experience and support in determining the means required to undertake these actions, you can take advantage of them right away to boost your commercial results.

    • Implement Lead Generation and Nurturing actions
    • Develop commercial processes and tools
    • Develop new commercial skills
  • Customer innovation marketing

    Customer Innovation Marketing can be defined as the development of differentiating and innovative new service offerings contributing revenues to the enterprise and responding to new consumption methods, whilst at the same time favoring an omnichannel logic.

    The Innovation process is structured around the implementation of new methodologies and technologies such as analytical CRM and digital CRM.

    • Deploy a services innovation initiative : from the idea to the merits of launching a new service
    • Produce opportunity studies and a business model
    • Design and deploy new, value services
    • Perform innovation studies : understand customer needs, identify emerging trends, detect and test ideas for services
    • Identify and deploy ground-breaking software solutions (e-CRM)
    • Organize seminars and workshops on disruptive customer innovation
    • Assist employees in "Customer Lab / Innovation" mode
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  • Geoxia

    Definition of the overall webmarketing strategy, management of the implementation with the different service providers and reporting for the GEOXIA Group (Maisons PHENIX), a major player in real estate construction and renovation.

  • International hotel and catering group

    Ergonomic and creative re-design for the hotel reservation gateway. The current "mobile first"-oriented design made it possible to define better user journeys involving all consultation terminals. Creation of a complete digital graphic charter for the site and all associated digital supports.

  • Logic Immo Groupe SPIR

    Ergonomic audit and graphics re-design of the main pathways of one of the most visited real estate classified ads sites in France.​