Press Release

Keyrus to deliver end-to-end CPM suite to South African market

    Striving to provide world-class financial reporting, budgeting and analysis to improve decision-making and productivity, Keyrus partners with Solver.

    In today's hyper-competitive world, those enterprises that are able to make the quickest and most effective decisions will be the ones that can differentiate themselves best from the competition. Better and faster decision-making for everything, from strategy to forecasts, and encompassing budgets, reports and analysis, is what such organisations demand, and this is exactly what Solver’s BI360 suite delivers.

    Keyrus, a leading proponent of advanced costing and cost transparency solutions, understands the benefits of being able to offer a complete, integrated suite that allows customers and partners to work with a single Corporate Performance Management vendor for all their business needs. To this end, the company has announced its partnership with Solver to deploy the BI360 offering in South Africa.

    According to Ronald Laxton, general manager at Keyrus South Africa, the BI360 suite is a complete Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution, with financial reporting and consolidations, budgeting and forecasting and dashboard modules.

    “The solution enables enterprises to combine information from multiple data sources and to empower all business users with self-service analytics that are critical to fast and efficient decision-making. It also delivers world-class financial reporting, budgeting and analysis, with push-button access to all data sources that drive company-wide profitability,” he explains.

    “BI360 is available for cloud and on-premise deployment, focusing on four key analytics areas, namely reporting, which offers users robust, business user friendly financial and operational reporting; budgeting, which eliminates the manual planning processes and back-and-forth emails to achieve modern, dynamic budgets and forecasts; dashboards that deliver easy-to-understand insights into the health of the organisation; and data warehousing, which enables enterprises to consolidate company information into a single, easy-to-use high performance platform.”

    In order to introduce the BI360 tool and highlight its full benefits, continues Laxton, Keyrus will be hosting an informative Masterclass event. This function will also include thought leadership keynote speeches on the challenges of managing a large distributed budgeting process and what is required from the correct tool to manage this, as well as on Zero-Based Budgeting and Driver-Based Budgeting. Nils Rasmussen, the Global CEO of Solver, will talk about his experience as a board member on the boards of a number of companies, dependent upon budgets & forecasts that support accurate cash flow forecasts and information, thus reducing the risk of a cash crisis. This information becomes the basis on which to optimise an organisation’s investment strategies by knowing its anticipated cash situation in the future with a higher degree of confidence. The Masterclass session will take place in Microsoft offices in Johannesburg on 26th September 2018, registration open on www.keyrus.co.za.

    “Keyrus has a dedicated and professional team consisting of chartered accountants and technology experts, all of whom have a strong track record in finance, cost transparency and budgeting across a range of sectors,” states Laxton. “This positions the company perfectly to deliver the BI360 solution, which – with its deep functionality and flexibility – can operate effectively across any industry.”

    “Solver is also pleased with the partnership, since Keyrus, with its experience of data intelligence, management and transformation, brings a strong business focus to the solutions it provides to clients”, according to Solver CEO, Nils Rasmussen. “As far as we are concerned, it is the most complete CPM solution of its kind and is an effective way to drive efficiency and productivity across the enterprise. After all, with BI360 you are able to translate your data into actionable decisions. This means you can drive better productivity within your organisation," he concludes.